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Knight Rampage
Knight Rampage
Knight Rampage
Knight Rampage
Knight Rampage
Knight Rampage
Knight Rampage
Knight Rampage


Some ugly monsters have captured the queen. They have taken the queen in the highest room of the highest tower in the empire. The queen desperately needs help. She needs a clean rescue. And who will come for her rescue..??? Of course The Mighty Knight..!!! With is commander, that is YOU..!!!
He has reached to highest tower in city. But how he goes to the highest room? All the doors are locked ! All the windows are tightly closed !!! The knight will use his magic sword now. This magical sword has power to destroy anything with just one hit !!! Angry Knight will now hit every floor of the tower one by one, destroy each of them, and using this trick, he will bring the highest room to the ground. And rescue the pretty queen from the clutches of the bad monsters. And yes, he needs you to help him !!!
This task is not as easy as you think. Its quite tricky and challenging for both, you and the mighty knight. The crazy ugly monsters have attached lethal weapons on both sides of the wall. The sharp and lethal weapons can kill the knight at once. When the knight destroys the floor one by one. These deadly weapons come down with the next floor. So when the weapons comes down. You need to keep an eye on them, and change the position of the knight, to the other side. The knight is busy hitting and destroying the floor, so he cannot see properly the destructive weapons attached to the sides of the floor. So you need to tell the knight every time the lethal weapons is about to hit him.
So keep changing the position of the knight, and the knight will keep hitting and destroying the floor one by one. Like that destroy as many floors as you can and rescue the pretty queen. Tap to left or right side of the tower. By this you change the position of the knight, who is busy destroying the floor. And as you know, there is not much time, so do it faster and faster. Because the monsters can kill the queen, if you take much time. The time is limited !!! So keep an eye on the time slider also. Although you can increase the time duration, by destroying the floor faster and faster.
It means you have to take care of two crazy jobs. First is to change the position of the knight, and second is to keep a check on the time slider. So are you ready to take this crazy challenge…??? Get ready and fasten your seat belt for this mega game show….!!!
♦ Cool Graphics Along With An Awesome Cartoon Style Character
♦ Cute & Nice jungle Environment
♦ Sweet Background Music
♦ Nice Sound Effects
♦ Engaging And Challenging Gameplay
♦ And yes, its totally FREE

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Knight Rampage

Knight Rampage

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