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Legs and Butt Workout


Our app contains exercises to help you achieve the following:
1. Toned and sexy butt and thighs;
2. Slim and beautiful legs;
3. A Brazilian bum;
4. Get rid of fat and cellulite;
5. Gain more muscle weight.

Women are not the only ones who can benefit from working out with our app: it can be just as beneficial to men, allowing them, among other things, to boost their strength and resistance.

Our exercises for legs, butt, and hips were developed by a professional certified fitness instructor who has years of experience in the fitness world and a number of winning places in the Miss Bikini contests.

The exercises in our "Butt and Legs Workout" app are aimed at beginners, that is, those who just started working out and whose fitness level is still quite basic. You can work out in the comfort of your home just 2-3 times a week, dedicating as little as 5-10 minutes to each workout.

The app includes the total of 9 different exercises for legs, butt and hips, which we divided into 3 levels for your convenience: entry, average, and advanced.

Each level includes videos explaining how to perform the exercise correctly, as well as exercise descriptions, the number of sets and repetitions, and the rest times between the sets.

If a workout proves too much for you, you can cut down the number of reps and increase your rest times.

You may experience pain in your legs, butt, and thighs after working out. Not to worry: this is your body's normal reaction if you hadn't done any sports or hadn't exercised a particular muscle group for a long time.

We recommend that you talk to your physician before starting the workouts, just to be sure that the exercises won't do you any harm. If you are pregnant or recently gave birth, or if you have a medical condition, please take extra care when working out.

Workout with the app for 10-30 minutes a week and watch your body look younger and more attractive each month!

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Legs and Butt Workout

Legs and Butt Workout



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