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Lieyan Arena anime Dragon MMO
Lieyan Arena anime Dragon MMO
Lieyan Arena anime Dragon MMO
Lieyan Arena anime Dragon MMO
Lieyan Arena anime Dragon MMO
Lieyan Arena anime Dragon MMO
Lieyan Arena anime Dragon MMO
Lieyan Arena anime Dragon MMO


The most hot one! The first leader! The best ARPG mobile game!
Brothers are: side by side in fighting, day by day in exciting!
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LieyanArena

Classic roles ---- Warrior, Mage and Cleric
Super engine ---- for smoother combat rhythm
Perfect action design ---- for better user experience

We are responsible for providing various activities of PVP battles,
while what you have to do is light your
dream and release your passion.
Start your new fantasy trip now or never!

High-quality images and oriental magic theme.
Martial-arts in the form of anime on the phone,
original version for the global!

Heroes lay siege to enemies, fight till the end and walk the way of success through mobile phones in the game. Here the strongest becomes the king and be in charge of the world. Do not wait for another chance to create your own legend, you can take all in the LIEYAN ARENA world.

So do not hesitate any more, pick up your phone to join in the LIEYAN ARENA world that 9377 create for you guys, and then enjoy your exciting time!

-------Game Features-------
1. Superior picture quality --- beyond retro.
2. Instant voice chat system --- communicate in the most convenient way.
3. Wonderful design in fighting --- the same good feeling as using desktop.
4. Gorgeous special effects --- just enjoy fighting.
5. Thousands of users online --- stand and fight together.
6. Automatically multiply fastly --- hang up any time when you need.

Role-playing, Action, Martial-arts, Magic,
Battle in the fortress, only in the latest official version of Lieyan Social.

Auto MF system & voice chat system
Romantic encounters with prince charming and goddess
Get up and pick up your phone to enter the Lieyan Arena world and enjoy your time!

--------contact us--------
Email: syyy@9377.com

The operation team of will do the best to serve you!

First-ever Fusion with friends to be Top Hero!
First-ever Blend with groups to create My World!

1. Classic Role MMO

Hundreds of roles well-designed by top team.
Classic & Cute Heroes waiting for you.

2. Map Instance Dragon

Hundreds of instances with various scenes;
Layer tech enables switching anytime;
Photo restored in precise details.

3. Fierce fighting Dragon

Aroused by combination of gorgeous skills & team speed!
Instant fight with simulative scenes in phone system!
Various states, desktop optimized & smooth screen!

4. Lineup Title MMO

Skill Strike Direction: Single, horizontal, vertical, cross, whole, etc.
Title Info: Swordsman, sailor, snipe, tank, Death, MU, MT, DPS, assist, heal, control, etc.
Fetter System: 360°Hundred –killed, Evil Cheetah, Heavy Storm
Perfect match for video and anime!

5. Fusion Combo Dragon

Couple in lineup can fusion with full anger.
Fellows in lineup release fire combo for the 1st intimate touch.

6. Guild Social

Friend chatting system enables you to share game news & tips with your friends!

7. Sharing Dragon

New share function. You can share with friends on:
Line, Kakao, Wechat, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Whatsapp
Weibo, Wechat, Sina Weibo, Tencent Weibo, QQ,
QQ-zone, Renren, Moment.

8. Online Activity
Party for all players!
PS: hot events! Pls read the detail in official website!

Most popular anime roles!
Take part in voting and get great rewards!

More activities
Come and join us!

Share with friends:
Line, Kakao, Wechat, Wechat Moment, Facebook, Weibo, Snapchat, Instagram, Whatsapp, Tencent Weibo, QQ, QQ Zone, Renren
The game contains revealing clothes, violence (fight between game roles), dating and social contact; some content needs payment. Please consciously avoid indulging.


Vivid plots and enriched tasks
Images in Japanese style with rich blendent.
Hot and sexy / cute and lovely roles
Chat sys and social function
Please avoid addiction and puppy love!

Keywords: rol game play games tabletop roleplaying first rpg
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Android 2.3+


2014 Game on line for Pad & APP 9377 Master 2K15





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Lieyan Arena anime Dragon MMO

Lieyan Arena anime Dragon MMO

2014 Game on line for Pad & APP 9377 Master 2K15


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Updates to Lieyan Arena anime Dragon MMO may automatically add additional capabilities within each group.
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