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Little Falls
Little Falls
Little Falls
Little Falls
Little Falls
Little Falls
Little Falls
Little Falls
Little Falls


An isolated house, in a little town on the Mississippi river. Ghosts from the past coming back again after years of silence. A young woman who calls 911, asking for your help. You stop your motorbike on the gravel path and walk toward the door. But survival will be your only victory…and you'll have to find all seven different endings

Can you guide Gene past his anxieties, suspicions, guilt and fears to ensure that the guilty are brought to justice, that Gene survives and the law prevails?

DISCLAIMER: This story is a work of fiction and fantasy. Any resemblance to actual persons or events is purely unintentional.

Interactive Fiction (IF, or Text Adventures, as they were called in the old days) is a kind of game or story (depending on your point of view) that allows you to take on the role of the main character and follow the plot firsthand, facing the difficulties that come between you and the end of the story. The computer shows you text describing the situation, and waits for you to input the commands that will be the actions of the main character.

How to play Interactive Fiction.
These are commands frequently used while playing IF, and specifically while playing Little Falls. But beware, this list is purposefully incomplete.
Moving. NORTH, SOUTH, EAST and WEST (in short 'N','S','E','W') but also north-east, north-west, south-east and south-west, (in short ne, nw, se and sw) and the commands 'up' (u) and 'down' (d) to move upwards and downwards. The 'examine' (x) or 'look at' commands are used to obtain descriptions of the items present in the environment surrounding the main character, while the command 'look' gives the room description again. Furthermore, the player can try to look under, inside or behind an object. Or you can try to 'read' an item if you think it's legible.

Special commands:
SAVE: to save the current game.
RESTORE: to restore a previously saved game.
RESTART: to restart a game.
QUIT or Q: to leave the game.
OBJECTS and PLACES: to print a list of touched items and visited rooms.
VERSION: to show info on the game.
AGAIN or G: to repeat the last command.
OOPS: to correct a single word in a command you mistyped.
UNDO: to undo the last command.

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Little Falls

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