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Lock for LINE protects and secures your LINE messenger with a password. It hides your private and secret messages and conversations and ensures protection from an intruder and maintains privacy by enabling you to lock your LINE messenger. Anything you share over LINE including your private and secret photos, videos and other files, are also hidden from unwanted and unauthorized use. After you install and enable this app, people that you do not want to see or read your secret messages are not your problem. Lock for LINE improves the security and privacy keeping your private and secret messages assessable to you and protect from others.

As soon as someone tries to open or access LINE messenger, it automatically detects and asks for the password as a permission before opening the application. Lock for LINE protects your privacy and provides you security with ease of use. Keep your LINE related data secured from protected from people trying to spy on phone.

Features :

- Protects your secret LINE messenger from un-wanted use by locking through a password.

- Simplicity at its peak. It is easy to understand and handle.

- Lock can be enabled or disabled at user discretion.

- Lets you choose password of your choice.

- Secret Password can be changed at any time.

- No-one can access Lock for LINE itself without secret password because password is asked every time Lock for LINE is launched.

- No-one can uninstall Lock for LINE is Uninstall Lock is enabled.

How to get started with Lock for LINE?
Once you open the app after installation, it would ask you for a new security password. This would be your secret password for opening Lock for LINE.

How can I lock my LINE messenger?
After opening the Lock for LINE, you will find a switch below to enable/disable the lock. Enable by clicking it and your LINE messenger is locked and protected.

How can I open my LINE messenger after it is locked?
After you enable Lock for LINE, password is asked every time LINE messenger is opened. Enter the secret password to open your LINE.

How can I change password?
Go to setting by tapping the icon on the upper right side of the screen. You would see an option of Change Password. Enter the existing code and then a new code.

What type of passwords I can choose?
You can choose numeric passwords. Minimum length of password should be 4 characters and maximum length should be 8 characters.

How can I prevent uninstalling Lock for LINE?

Enable Uninstall Lock in Preferences. After enabling, password has to be entered before uninstalling the app.

It’s the best and simplest LINE protector at Google play store. Keep your secret and confidential LINE messages and conversations hidden from others with a simple real-time locking mechanism. Improve your phone’s security by adding a new security layer by installing Lock for LINE.

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Lock for LINE

Lock for LINE

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