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Log Transporter Cargo Truck 3D
Log Transporter Cargo Truck 3D
Log Transporter Cargo Truck 3D
Log Transporter Cargo Truck 3D
Log Transporter Cargo Truck 3D
Log Transporter Cargo Truck 3D
Log Transporter Cargo Truck 3D
Log Transporter Cargo Truck 3D
Log Transporter Cargo Truck 3D
Log Transporter Cargo Truck 3D


Ever drove a vehicle carrying jungle wood cargo on its back? Well, here’s your chance to work through a lumberjack job and transport truckload of logs all the way from the forest to its destination. Challenge yourself to this extreme driving ordeal and experience the thrust of vehicles designed for cargo transport. Driving simulation is at its peak with the game’s detailed animation and graphics that will give you the feel of a real life forest. Before you start, beware that firewood can be hefty load to carry, putting your driving skills to the test. So be careful not to tip the balance!

The Heavy Duty Log Transporter Cargo Truck is a high powered giant trucker automobile that is engineered to drive through rugged jungle terrains and is configured to mount all types of logs for industrial use. These high performance trucks are powered by diesel engines, and you will feel the thrust when you control them during the game.

For those who haven’t yet practiced a heavy weight ride, this is your ultimate extreme driving experience in a surrounding that will challenge your driving skills. The aesthetics and graphics will build up your energy and within a few minutes the transporter truck trailer and crane will have your complete attention. From the wheelbases to the front grab and handles, the trucks featured in the game are like any real life top performing cargo truck trailer.


There are two vehicles that you will be driving in the Wood cargo transporter game: One is the crane that will carry felled logs from the ground onto a 6-wheeler heavy duty timber truck trailer, which is the second automobile under your control. Controlling the crane will require technical expertise while picking up and balancing logs that must be in the truck in an ordered manner.

The wood cargo transporter trailer is essentially a tough goods vehicle that needs professional driving precision and control. Once the crane has carefully loaded the cargo lorry with wood, you will drive it to its destination for further shipping. The hydraulic controls of the cargo truck will help you steer and accelerate with maximum ease, but be wary of sharp turns while driving the heavily loaded vehicle in extreme road conditions. Make use of the excellent camera views in the game and you will be right on track!

Wood Cargo Transporter Game Features:
• High definition 3D graphics and animation
• Fully dynamic game play
• Well-maneuvered, hydraulic controls with automatic switch between crane and truck
• Complete and comprehensive view of forest site and equipment

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Log Transporter Cargo Truck 3D

Log Transporter Cargo Truck 3D

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