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Lullaby Sleep & Relax Baby 3D
Lullaby Sleep & Relax Baby 3D
Lullaby Sleep & Relax Baby 3D
Lullaby Sleep & Relax Baby 3D
Lullaby Sleep & Relax Baby 3D
Lullaby Sleep & Relax Baby 3D
Lullaby Sleep & Relax Baby 3D
Lullaby Sleep & Relax Baby 3D
Lullaby Sleep & Relax Baby 3D
Lullaby Sleep & Relax Baby 3D


Do you want to relax your baby to sleep for bedtime? Set the timer and hear Greenie Duck´s 15 lullaby sound melody for babies. Your baby newborn will enjoy hearing relaxing and sleepy melody sounds to fall asleep immediately.
A lullaby is a white noise relaxing music or melody that makes babies, children, newborns and even grownups fall asleep relaxed. These sounds are made to calm down your baby to sleep. Lullaby sounds and musics have been used for centuries to calm children to sleep, together with the mother´s voice they are perfect to set your baby, newborn, children, into a peaceful calm and relaxed doss.
Set the timer every night when it´s time to sleep and choose your lullaby, lullabies melody. Your babies will love this. If the sound melody is played every night at bedtime the baby, babies will get used to the sound of the lullabies. Next time your baby, newborn or children hears these sounds, unconsciously they will know it´s time for bedtime and they will feel relaxed and calm and fall asleep.
A lullaby melody and the mother´s voice sound are perfect to relax your baby newborn, but Lullaby Sleep & Relax Baby 3D even turns your phone into a night light.
With the night light your baby newborn always has a presence light when he sleeps. You can set the timer to play just one lullaby or all the 15 lullabies or recording sounds you have recorded with your voice. Three lullabies are free to download to your phone, but you can get the other lullabies for free. The timer will allow you to set the lullaby or lullabies you choose for:
* just one lullaby to sleep
* 15 minutes of one lullaby melody or more lullabies sleepy sounds
* 1 hour of one lullaby or more lullabies (you can also choose your recorded songs or sounds)
* all night bedtime for best sleep (it will play for 15 minutes one lullaby or more lullabies and it will play with no sound and night lights on so your baby, newborn or children feels comfortable and relaxed during the night´s sleep, while Greenie Duck is also sleeping).

Greenie Duck´s Lullaby Sleep & Relax Baby 3D has the most famous lullabies sounds along with the dancing 3D Duck.
Soothe your baby to sleep with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Brahm´s Lullaby, Silent Night the Christmas song, Frère Jacques, Hush Little Baby among other bedtime lullabies.
Greenie Duck´s Lullaby Sleep & Relax Baby 3D is perfect to:
* relax & sleep at bedtime for babies & children
* quality soothing sounds for your baby, newborn, children, kids and infants
* pics & photo, white noise & night lights with 2 classical musics for your babies & child
* famous lullabies for your baby, newborn, children, kids and infants
* sleep & bedtime collage pics photos of your babies
* sleep sounds & melodies along with the mom or father´s recorded voice sound (sound therapy)
* Christmas songs and lullabies to calm your baby to sleep quickly
* high quality 15 different lullaby sleep sound, melodies & musics
* sweet lullabies with perfect sounds to fall asleep
* calm your crying baby to sleep
* record your voice over the lullaby musics and soothe your baby, newborn, children all night
* entertain your child with Greenie 3D Duck from Duckland´s fairy tale land (collage pics, photos for babies & children)
* stimulate your baby´s brain with fairy tale life like Greenie Duck and classical music (music therapy)
* countdown timer to fall asleep
* music therapy, color therapy, sounds therapy, melody therapy and imagination booster
* babies collage photo & pics option
* fun collage pics & photos to share
* pics of your baby, newborn, children or infant with the colourful Greenie Duck (camera, photo, collage, pics of your baby and the amazing duck)
* take pics and photos with your baby and Greenie Duck & share them on facebook, instagram, google +, twitter or just save them on your phone
* record your own voice and make up your own lyrics for the lullaby songs and melodies
* set the lullaby song of your choice as ringtone or one of the recorded musics

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Lullaby Sleep & Relax Baby 3D

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