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Marriage Matching
Marriage Matching
Marriage Matching
Marriage Matching
Marriage Matching
Marriage Matching
Marriage Matching
Marriage Matching


Astro-Vision’s Marriage Matching app helps you to check the horoscope compatibility. This Vedic Astrology app analyses horoscopes of the prospective bride & groom and studies the various aspects in marriage compatibility. Horoscope matching is a deciding factor in Hindu weddings, in which the marriage compatibility between the boy and girl is analysed.

Marriage matching app is based on Vedic Astrology and is being used by renowned Vedic astrologers as well as Vedic astrology followers. Our app help you to investigate your identity and anticipate your future. Utilize this app to investigate about a person's horoscope. It produces birth chart and incorporates all fundamental astrology outlines.

Marriage Matching app helps you do the task of horoscope matching with precision.The app does the horoscope compatibility analysis to give a percentage suggesting their marriage compatibility. This marriage/horoscope compatibility score is the key in marriage matching which helps you decide whether to proceed with a proposal or not. It’s an excellent marriage horoscope tool enabling marriage predictions.


★ An astrology app providing Horoscope, Birth Chart, Marriage Matching, Bhava, Spuda, Dasa, Yoga etc.

★ Horoscope matching based on star compatibility in Kerala, South Indian & North Indian matching methods.

★ Analyses various compatibilities in horoscope matching process.

★ Helps you make marriage predictions through horoscope analysis.

★ Find your favorable time for good moments in your life - check for Muhurtha's.

★ Prepares birth chart instantly in your preferred astrology chart style.

★ Gives charts & calculations on Raasi, Navamsaka, Prashna, Bhava, Dasa etc.

★ Ayanamsa systems - Krishnamurti Paddhati or KP Ayanamsa, Chitrapaskha / Lahiri Ayanamsa, Raman Ayanamsa, Sayan Ayanamsa & Thirukanitham Ayanamsa.

★ Astro-Vision Marriage Matching app give details on Spuda, Papa, Planetary Strength, Astrological Day & Moment.

★ Ashtakvarga & Bhava chalit chart and shodasavarga - all 16 divisional charts.

★ Detailed Panchanga with Tithi, Yoga, Karana & Nakshatra. It covers Sunrise/Sunset timings, Rahu/Gulika timings, Yama Ghantam, Abhijith muhurtha & Lunar month details viz. Shukla Paksha, Krishna Paksha, Ekadashi, Chathurthi, Pournami and Amavasi.

★ Astrology chart and calculations based on any location.

★ Various chart styles - Kerala, Tamil, North Indian & East Indian.


★ Unlimited access to all features of the app are available for 1st 15 day period. (With Internet)

★ After 15 days - All features of the app are available. (With Internet- App usage time limited to 7 Minutes per day)

★ Without Internet connection, app gives access only to Rasi and Navamsa.

★ Offline App usage is limited to a total of 225 mins (7 minutes per day)

★ Offline mode will not be available after re-installation.

★ If the app is uninstalled within 15 days from the date of installation, then the user can avail the remaining days only by re-installing the app before the end of 15 day period (30 days in the case of subscribed users)

Privacy & Permissions:

Marriage Matching app values the users’ privacy. To give you the best user experience and precise horoscope analysis, the app asks your permission to access the location, phone number, secondary storage etc.

Read our Privacy Policy and know how we use your data.

End User License Agreement (EULA):

By downloading, installing and using Marriage Matching app, you agree to the End User License Agreement.

Please check http://www.indianastrologysoftware.com/starclock-me-lite/eula.php

About Astro-Vision:

Astro-Vision have a successful history of over 31 years. We provide Vedic Astrology software in various Indian languages and empower leading portals with astrology based solutions. We have generated over 30 million astrology reports so far.

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Marriage Matching

Marriage Matching



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