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Media Viewer Small App
Media Viewer Small App
Media Viewer Small App
Media Viewer Small App


Media Viewer Small App is built to provide Xperia owners with an option to view their media (photos/video/Youtube), in a way that enables them to do real multitasking on Xperia Smartphone, by making a floating window for the Album/Video/Youtube the user wants.

This app is completely FREE! but if you like to donate, you can donate from this app icon inside your launcher :)

Small apps extension for Sony products

1. Floating Photo Viewer, Video Viewer, and Youtube Viewer
2. Included in your favourite Media App Share Button. Just click this app and go!
3. Ability to Delete, Share, and View Information on the Item that is being viewed
4. Pinch Zoom capabilities on Photo Viewer and Video Viewer
5. Access to Youtube via IFRAME API given from Youtube
6. Ability to display selection of items sent from Share button
7. Subtitle Support for Video Viewer
8. Bluetooth Media Button supported, Can play/pause, go to next or previous video.
9. Dual Window feature to open secondary window of the same type of Viewer (Require donation)
10. Auto Repeat Youtube/Video you love.

Q: I can't play Youtube playlist?
A: Please activate show Video Only while on the first video of the playlist.

Q: Youtube Video seems so small
A: Please activate show Video Only to enable better experience

Q: I can't select Quality over Youtube
A: It automatically detects the best quality by the window size. So if you want lower quality, just resize the window to a small size before playing.

Q: How to trigger Bottom Bar (the one with View, Share, and Info button) while watching video in Video Viewer?
A: Tap twice on the Video to show the Bottom Bar.

Q: What function can the Bluetooth Controller do?
A: Play/Pause Button: Zoom In/Zoom Out Image (Photo) / Start Slideshow mode / Resume Youtube
Previous Button: Slideshow to previous (Photo) / Go Back (Youtube) /Video Fast Forward
Next Button: Slideshow to next(Photo) / Go Forward(Youtube) / Video Rewind

Q: I can't enable Auto Restart Video on Youtube, Why?
A: You have to play the video first to be able to auto repeat the video when completed.

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Media Viewer Small App

Media Viewer Small App

hansip87 (HE Corp)


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