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Mid City Zombie Attack
Mid City Zombie Attack
Mid City Zombie Attack
Mid City Zombie Attack


The time when the zombie invasion ruined the world... The time when the deadly virus spread all over
the world turning people into the man eating creature... The time when human population turning into
the mindless zombies… The time when human eye can see only a walking dead bodies… The time when
buildings destroyed into pieces and every car burned to aches… The time when every creature willing to
eat its favorite; a human mind… The time when no one left behind to help anyone… The time when only
deadly voices are left to be heard… The time when only hungry people left... The hunger of fresh
human’s flesh… The time when everything seemed like a horror movie… The time when no second
chance left of survival… The time when no safe area left for shelter… The time when everything
destroyed and scorched except for one thing what the Zombies wanted to eat; the flesh… The time
when you screamed till your last breath but no one heard you except the blood thirsty Zombies…

…that time an excellent, skillful and brave shooter immersed in this apocalyptic world of Zombies to win
the battle against evil. Shoot the deadly Zombies and prove that you are the one who can save the
world. Use powerful weapons to hunt down Zombies and show them that who is the strongest one. If
you want to stay alive then use your tactical shooting techniques and your aim should be accurate to kill
Zombie in a single shot. Never miss your fire because they never miss to eat the fresh brain. Your
strength and power can change the world. Now it’s up to you to avail the only chance of survival by
using your skills, shooting techniques and courage to stand against these deadly creatures or die


• 3D Realistic Graphics
• Live Sound Effects
• Shoot maximum zombies to achieve high score.
• After each wave, location of the player changes automatically.
• Beware of the Zombie’s attack; this will decrease your player's health bar.
• Your player can switch between two weapons pistol and sniper.
• Intense game play, horror sounds, thrilling battle scenes and scary visuals will reflect the real
• environment of the destroyed city.
• Don't forget to find and hunt down Zombie when moving from one place to another.

Play and enjoy but be alert every time because they are not sleeping.

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Mid City Zombie Attack

Mid City Zombie Attack



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