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Mobile Monitoring, SMS & Calls
Mobile Monitoring, SMS & Calls
Mobile Monitoring, SMS & Calls
Mobile Monitoring, SMS & Calls
Mobile Monitoring, SMS & Calls
Mobile Monitoring, SMS & Calls
Mobile Monitoring, SMS & Calls
Mobile Monitoring, SMS & Calls


Monitoring Calls and Text Messages: Knowing whom your children are calling and texting can literally save you from catastrophe. If you are worried that your teen is communicating with unsavory individuals, then Mobile Monitoring software is the ultimate solution for you, also Mobile Monitoring could be used to automatically backing up your SMS messages and calls history to your email account.
Using this application is completely free and there is no hidden fees or monthly subscription charge.

What do you need before starting installation?
- Your email address, which all the reports will be sent to;
- If you are reinstalling this software, you must firstly uninstall any previously installed versions;
- A Gmail account (have the User Name and the Password ready);
- Why do you need a Gmail account ? The application uses the Gmail API to send the reports to your email that means the application has to login into the Gmail account each time sending the report, however maybe for the first login Gmail blocks the application, if so you need to login into your Gmail account and give permission to the Mobile Monitoring to access the Gmail account (a sample screenshot of the Gmail blocked notification is provided in the screenshot section).

Advance : "The Email Receiving Reports" and "The Gmail Address" could be the same, this is recommended.

How to setup the application: Setting up Mobile Monitoring is very simple and will not takes more than a minute. After installation has finished, the first thing to do is to set up the preferences to make the application functional. The following preferences must be set:
- Email address for receiving reports : Your personal email address, e.g. user-name@yahoo.com;
- The Gmail address : Your gmail email address (if you don't already have one, you must create one, e.g. user-name@gmail.com);
- The Gmail password : Password for the above gmail address;
- Target name : Name of the target device. This will be useful in case you install this application on more than one mobile;
- Limit the sending record : Number of the SMS(s) (including sent/received) to be sent in each report.

User Guide: This application is completely stealth and will not create an application's icon on the target phone. To reopen the application you have to dial #123456# on the target device also Mobile Monitoring has been designed in a such a way to avoid draining your battery.

Once you've gone through the no-hassle process of setting up your Mobile Monitoring account, you will start receiving email reports with the Sent/Received SMS messages and Calls history on the target mobile(s).

Future development:
- Target's location report;
- Callback Functionality;
- Supporting social media chat report(Skype, Viber, Facebook, Whatsapp and … etc.).

Legal Notifications :
Please be aware that all the SMS and Calls will be monitored on the installed devices by the email that you will provide in the "User Preferences", The legal notification will be displayed before installation and each time you re-setup the application(see the screenshot). Please use this useful application responsibly.

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Mobile Monitoring, SMS & Calls

Mobile Monitoring, SMS & Calls

Parviz Ahmadi


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