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Money Consciousness Magnetism
Money Consciousness Magnetism
Money Consciousness Magnetism
Money Consciousness Magnetism
Money Consciousness Magnetism


Just play this game for 2 to 5 minutes regularly. It will help you develop money consciousness & money magnetism.
The more you play and think about money the more magnetism you will develop.
It consists of money and related cards. While playing your left and right brain will be involved in searching for these wealth related cards. So, these pictures will be fixed in your mid by regular playing and you will automatically develop
money consciousness & money magnetism.

This is a a fun filled and great money games. It consists of multiple levels and basically it is a matching game.
It has various money cards like . Just like the speed of a train, you have to
test your skills and solve the puzzle within the time period.

The first round in this game is 120 seconds and each successive rounds have 10 seconds less.
Thus, you will have more challenge each round. So, even if you are 3 years old or above, you will love this.
There are matching icons with trains and signals images which link in some way. You have to find it. Solving each puzzle fast will fill your mind with so much money related stuff that it will make it rain.
The quicker you find, the faster you will finish the game. So, you will love matching the icons in the puzzle.
This is recommended for all ages and definitely kids can play it.
This is not a counting money game but a timed one.

You will also get help along the way.
You can use REFRESH 3 times and it will mix up the game cards and make it easy to solve.
Also, you can use FIND 3 time, which will solve three links for you.

Our team has built this fun packed game specially for you. This simple game has a lot of things inbuilt for your brains. So, use it regularly.

You can also play this as a competition with your friends. In a group , you can start at the same time and see how many levels you can cross. The one who completes maximum number of round within ( 5-10 min) becomes the winner of money games.
Enjoy and have fun.

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Money Consciousness Magnetism

Money Consciousness Magnetism

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