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Moove Blitz
Moove Blitz
Moove Blitz
Moove Blitz
Moove Blitz
Moove Blitz
Moove Blitz
Moove Blitz
Moove Blitz
Moove Blitz


Get ready for non-stop Moove Blitz game now! Meet the most entertaining, brain teasing and addictive version of the match-trios (or match-3) game!
Moove Blitz - packed with beautiful user interface, timing mode and endless mode gameplay with global leaderboard, you can share or challenge to people all over the world.
Moove Blitz is free game in the genres of puzzle / logic game, arcade or casual which will present you lots of pleasant hours and unforgettable impressions.

How to play:
- Swipe any directions to move all the shapes, the shapes move TOGETHER unless they are blocked. Swipe 3 shapes of the same color to clear them before the board fills up! Remeber to use ITEM at the bottom of the board when you are get stuck. There are 3 items in the game:
**Undo Item: Back to the previous move.
**Swap Item: Change the position of two shapes.
**Bomb Item: Destroy one shape in the board.
- For arcade mode: Try to match 3 or above from the same shape until no more move. More bonuses when you match 4 or above that. In addition, try to clear all shapes at the same time, you will get the biggest bonus.
- For survival mode: The progress bar (time) will be filled in half at the begining. This will be decrease overtime. Your mission is filled up the bar by clearing as much shapes as possible. Please note that the "no more move" do not mean "Game Over" in this mode, it will clear all the shapes on the board as the beginning and make progress bar decrease faster.
- For crush mode: You have to clear the block as fast as you can to reach to the next level. The number of blocks will be increase as you go to the next level. Let's see how far you can go!
- 3 Game Modes: Arcade, Survival and Crush
- 6 beatiful shapes.
- 3 Special shapes:
** Rainbow Shape can match will any other shape. (Match 4 to get this shape)
** Fire Shape will explode and clear all the shapes around it. (Match L / T to get it)
** Magic Shape will clear all the same shapes in the board. (Match 5 to achive it)
- Game center integration.
- Smooth animation.
- We 're listening to you.
- Nice sound and music.
- Auto save game so that you can continue whenever you want.
- Beautiful graphics.
If you love match-3 games, you must try Moove Blitz! Have fun and enjoy this brain teaser game.

This game is free now and forever. We have added banner ads from Admob to earn some cents. Please understand this. Thanks for your supporting.

- OUR CONTACT for Moove Blitz
We are looking forward to hearing your comment about this match-3 game. Frequent game improvements based on your feedback.please send your feedback to: famosgames@gmail.com
Best wishes to you.

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