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Mp3 Editor, Cutter & Merger
Mp3 Editor, Cutter & Merger
Mp3 Editor, Cutter & Merger
Mp3 Editor, Cutter & Merger
Mp3 Editor, Cutter & Merger
Mp3 Editor, Cutter & Merger
Mp3 Editor, Cutter & Merger
Mp3 Editor, Cutter & Merger


Mp3 Editor is a music editing application for android smart phones. The application is used to edit,merger and configure the song as a Ringtone for your smart phone's.

The Mp3 Editor comes with a Mp3 cutter, Mp3 merger and a Ringtone maker tool to set beautiful ringtone's for your application's.

First application which can merge multiple number of mp3 files into a single mp3 file.

Mp3 Cutter:

Mp3 cutter is a simple snipper application which is used to snip mp3 file's into smaller files.Select the start time and the end time for the song that you need to snip.The mp3 cutter will do the magic for you.The mp3 cutter can edit any kind of file or it can configure any large files.
The Mp3 cutter is more robust and is ease of use.Mp3 cutter can edit a song to the lowest time frame upto 0.01 second or 1/100 of a second.

Mp3 Merger:

Mp3 merger or a music fusion tool which is used to combine two different songs into a one single song. The songs which has been edited using the music cutter can be combined using the fusion maker to combine into a single one.The Mp3 merger is very fast when compared to the other fusion maker tools that are available in the market.

The Meger takes at the maximum of 30 seconds to provide the output.The song is stored in the sdcard so that the file can be exported to other devices.
The Mp3 Merger has the capacity to merge multiple amount of files into single Mp3 file.

1) Add the Mp3 file into the buffer
2) Click the merge button
3) All the Mp3 files that has been added to the buffer will be merged into a single Mp3 file.

Ringtone Maker:

All the files which are edited or merged using the Mp3 cutter or the Mp3 Merger can be found in the folder named mp3 in the sdcard of the memory card.
Just press the set Ringtone button to set the ringtone of the phone.One of the most easy method to set the ringtone for the phone.

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Mp3 Editor, Cutter & Merger

Mp3 Editor, Cutter & Merger



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