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Multi Unit Converter
Multi Unit Converter
Multi Unit Converter
Multi Unit Converter
Multi Unit Converter
Multi Unit Converter
Multi Unit Converter
Multi Unit Converter
Multi Unit Converter
Multi Unit Converter


What can you do with Multi Unit Converter?
★ Far from home and want to know how many miles is 200 kilometers.
★ Eating a chocolate you want to know how many kilocalories get
★ How many days is 850 hours?
★ Working on a project you need to convert electrical circuits Microamperes amps.
★ Discover how many liters can get out of a barrel.

Full multi unit converter with all the functions and possible units.

Converts: Angles, Area, Digital Memory, Electricity, Energy Consumption, Flow, Force, Fuel consumption, Mass, Power, Pressure, Speed, Temperature, Time and Volume.

Key Features:
√ Fast charging for efficient operation
√ 16 types of converters
√ All units available for each converter.
√ Available in 8 languages
√ Results in large numbers
√ Better graphics and colors
√ Supported for phones and tablets

Converters and units including:
* Trigonometry - Angle (Degrees, Seconds, Minutes, Quadrants, Radians, Revolutions ...) * Area (Area, hectare, square Decimeter, square decameter, Square Foot, Inch Square, Square Kilometer, Tero Square, Square Mile and Yard Square.) * Digital Storage - Memory (Bit, Byte, gigabit, GigaByte, Kilobit, kiloByte, Megabit, megaByte, Petabit, Petabyte, and Terabit Terabyte)
* Electric current (ampere, Kiloamperio, microampere, Milliampere)
* Energetic consumption - Enthalpy (Calories / Kilogram, July / kg, kilocalorie / kilogram, Kilowatt-hours / kilogram, Kilowatt-hours / pound ...)
* Flow (Kg / hour, kilogram / minute, Kilogram / second, Libra / hour ...)
* Force (Dina, kilopond, Newton, libra ...)
* Fuel consumption (Galon / 100 miles, liter / 100 kilometers, nautical mile / liter, Kilometer / liter ...) nautical mile, yard)
* Mass (Carat, centigram, Gram Cereal Fourth, Kilogram, Pound, Ounce, Stone, Ton ...)
* Energy (Calorie / second, gigawatt, Horsepower, Megawatt, Watt)
* Pressure (Atmosphere, Bar, Kilopascal ...)
* Speed (Foot / hour Foot / minute, inch / second, Knot, Light Speed, Yard / hour ...)
* Temperature (Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin, Rankine)
* Time (Century, Day, Decade, Month, Week, Year, Hour, minute, second, microsecond, nanosecond, PS,)
* Volume (Barril, Centiliter, cubic centimeter, cubic decimeter, cubic foot, Liter, Pinta, Fourth, tablespoon, teaspoon)

Supported languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and Russian.

Enjoy this multiconverter units anywhere, no need internet connection to use it. This free application can contain advertising.

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Multi Unit Converter

Multi Unit Converter

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