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My Boop - Your Own Virtual Pet
My Boop - Your Own Virtual Pet
My Boop - Your Own Virtual Pet
My Boop - Your Own Virtual Pet
My Boop - Your Own Virtual Pet
My Boop - Your Own Virtual Pet
My Boop - Your Own Virtual Pet
My Boop - Your Own Virtual Pet


Met Boop, your new virtual pet! Boop is waiting for you to pet him, dress him, feed him, clean it and take care of him! Take care and love your adorable little Boop and have fun playin awesome mini games and creating awesome memories together! All of this for free!
Give your Boop cute aspects and share your best moments together with all your friends. Boop is all the fun of having a pet in your hands. Are you prepared to take care of your baby Boop?.

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• ADOPT your Boop, watch him born and enjoy seeing him grow up! Is so cute!
• DRESS him with ton of different clothes to give him unique and fun aspects, just the way you want!
• PERSONALIZE your Boop with tons of colors, different eyes and items, there are more than 160.000 combinations available!
• FEED your Bopp with candies, meals, drinks, fruits, veggies and even sushies as a gift! Delicious!
• PET him and watch him laught, it will sure make your day!
• CUDLE your Boop when the day is over and he is tired!
• SHOWER your Boop to keep him clean and happy!
All of this and much more! There is always something new in MyBoop!
You will be never get tired of your little monster pet!


Have fun with exicitng mini games and earn coins to buy articles and food for your Boop!
• Lumberjack Boop – Let’s see how many stocks you may gatter before time runs out!
• Jetpack Boop – Dodge the obstacles and get coins flying with your jetcpack!
• Basketball Boop - ¿How many shoots can you score in this basket game?
• Ninja Boop – Show your Boop’s skill jumping with your string trough the platforms!
• Tetris Boop - Play this classing along with Boop! complete lines and get coins!
• Jumper Boop – An exciting Jumper game, get the highest score possible!

And much more to come! Mini games free with all the updates!
Your baby Boop is waiting for you, what are you waiting for? Adopt yours now! Its free!

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My Boop - Your Own Virtual Pet

My Boop - Your Own Virtual Pet

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