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Navic Family Locator
Navic Family Locator
Navic Family Locator
Navic Family Locator
Navic Family Locator
Navic Family Locator
Navic Family Locator
Navic Family Locator


Navic Family Locator is a simple yet powerful GPS tool to track and share your daily trips live with your friends and family.

Unlike other similar apps, you do not have to create an account or share your email address or mobile number to use the app.

With this little tool installed on your mobile, you can never be lost again. Be it for fun or for any critical mission, you can instantly share your route and be tracked by anyone of your choice, from anywhere in the world.

It may help you find a route to a particular place, or to track your kids or loved ones. It can also be used to track vehicles. Install it in a cheap android device and attach to your pet so that they can be traced as well.

How does it work?
* It creates a unique code for your device (you can change it anytime) .
* Share the code to the people, who you want to track you.

How can I stop the tracking?
* Stop the tracking and you will not be seen by others.
* Change the track code, and you will not be tracked further until you share the code again.

Features include,
* Live tracking and sharing of routes.
* Observe the routes in any browser of your choice.
* Multiple route tracking (track routes of different persons in the same window).
* Tracking only when you allow others to.
* Change your Track Code any time.
* Can only be tracked if your tracking code is shared and the tracking is started in the app.
* Track others and get being tracked at the same time.
* Run as a service in the background.
* List your trackers.

1. Start the app and click on 'Track Me' button.
2. Click on 'Share' button to share your track code to the person(group) of your choice(using any messenger app or SMS).
3. At the tracker side, click on the received link, and the tracker can see your route and position on the map.

*The data/internet should be ON for live tracking.
*Even if the if the data/internet is OFF, it will track you once the internet is available.
*It is not necessary to have the app installed at the tracker side, as they can track you in any browser.

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Navic Family Locator

Navic Family Locator



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