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NerdLink Unlimited
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Open7 Days A Week
Storefront 9am to 6pm
24X7 Remote Support/Phone Support

We are Located in the Walmart Center Next to US Bank!

Free diagnostic of your computer, hardware and software Many companies charge $25-85 just to look at your machine. Further still, some companies say they do free software diagnostics but not hardware diagnostics. We guarantee we will thoroughly check your machine until we have an accurate diagnosis and call to give you an upfront honest price.

The fastest turnaround in Bullhead City, usually 24 hours, Most reputable shops' turnaround time is 10-21 days. PC Nerds can complete repairs faster because Our Nerds are more than geeks or techs: they are specialists. So why overpay a geek when you can have a specialist?

The only computer company to guarantee its work Have you had a company fix your computer to have it mysteriously break again when you get home? Was it really ever fixed? Some companies will also charge you again when you bring it back! We boot up your computer at the shop to show you everything is working and to answer any questions you may have. We guarantee we will fix the problem right the first time.

That you will always receive HONEST diagnostics Many shops will make up a problem if they can not find one or say you have bad parts when you don't. PC Nerds always returns the defective part to you so you know it was replaced and we strive to treat everyone like family.

Fair and upfront pricing, NO hidden costs & we meet or beat Geek Mulisha or The Computer Shops pricing and service
Many shops will sell you things you don't need because they can. Some also offer cheaper, generic parts instead of high quality ones causing your computer to break again soon. PC Nerds uses the best parts and sells higher quality laptops that do not break as often. Trust PC Nerds to deliver the best quality at the fairest prices around!

We can fix any computer problem and get you a solution fast
Some shops are limited by one person trying to do and fix it all. We have many specialists with different skill sets to meet all your needs. So why over pay a geek when you can have a specialist?

Fast friendly service & communication
Some shops don't return messages for days. PC Nerds strive to always return phone calls the same or next day and provide fast friendly service. Expect the red carpet treatment at the fairest prices around when you come to PC Nerds.

Best practices services
Some shops do "patches" or temporary "fixes" so the computer works for awhile and then breaks again. PC Nerds always follow best practices and do the correct solution so your computer will work without you having to bring it back over and over again. PC Nerds can fix any laptop, notebook, PC or desktop computer problem guaranteed.

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