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New Cat Family Puzzle for Kids
New Cat Family Puzzle for Kids
New Cat Family Puzzle for Kids
New Cat Family Puzzle for Kids
New Cat Family Puzzle for Kids
New Cat Family Puzzle for Kids
New Cat Family Puzzle for Kids
New Cat Family Puzzle for Kids


The word "puzzle" comes from the English, translated as "puzzle", "puzzle". For the kid picking up the puzzle - a fascinating game. And parents can be assured that puzzles for children to help in the development of the child.
Educational puzzles for children trained memory, imagination, correct color perception. Small parts of the puzzle promote the development of hand movements, teach the child to build a logical chain. In addition, puzzles for children can help take too active a child for some time.
During the game, talk with your child, discuss his choice of praise for their achievements.
Collect puzzle with a toddler can be as young as 1 year. First, it should be simple puzzles (4 items), better balanced (eg, butterfly). As soon as the baby will cope with this task, ask the puzzle more difficult, for example, from 6-12 parts.

- 9 levels of difficulty (from 4 elements to 54 elements)
- 7 picture collections (cats and kittens, lions, tigers, jaguars, snow leopards, lynxes and panthers - all in one puzzle! Learn the animals together with your children!)
- 2 types of tips
- Relaxing music to choose from
- To collect a puzzle from a photo
- The ability to choose the image for the puzzle from your gallery

Game about cats - a world of mysterious creatures graceful, graciously allowed man to tame itself. Unlike dedicated and constantly kowtowed to the owner of the dog, doomed to leashes and muzzles, cat differ independence and unpredictability of nature. One is forced to have doubts, who also considered the supreme being and the real master - a man or a cat, for good reason it was revered in ancient Egypt.
Nowadays, cats, cats and kittens have become well-known cartoon characters. Cute kittens and cats anthropomorphic flooded social networking, and, of course, could not become parties to a number of fun and exciting games of various genres, among which you will discover certainly one that will have your taste.

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New Cat Family Puzzle for Kids

New Cat Family Puzzle for Kids



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