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Objective Thinking Guide
Objective Thinking Guide
Objective Thinking Guide
Objective Thinking Guide


There are two types of thinking : Subject thinking and objective thinking .
If talked about people they have been ambiguous over the exact definition of subject thinking .
This type of thinking is normally based upon the reality , facts , but still it only represents a speaker ’s point of view .
The limitation of subjective thinking is that it cannot be proved correct on the basis of facts and figures .
Being Subjective When it ’s about being subjective a person will talk about his own experience about a certain event , incident or a person .
However , no matter how much one tries to be neutral about a certain aspect of discussion or personality , still he will be prejudiced in hi subjective thinking or claims .
No matter how much a man thinks that he is neutral towards his subjective thinking , it is hard to establish the fact .
However , one can be relied upon such a statement if there is no direct relation between a person and thing for which he is being subjective .
In simple words , being subjective about anything means that you don ’t have substantial proofs to prove your case or argument .
For example , you can say that X restaurant ’s services are not good .
Now the question arises that why the services of X restaurant or not good .
On what ground or parameter one can say that the service was not good ? May be if a person didn ’t like the taste of food may be for other person some dish can be very tasty .
If a person is concerned , his subjective thinking play a vital role in his decision making .
Experts are of the view that whatever you perceive for someone helps you to take a decision for the same .
Hence , when you are thinking subjectly this means that you are taking something into consideration in the light of your past personal experience .
In addition to that , you are also deprived of any logical mechanism or yardstick to measure your decision .
Hope , by now you have clearly understood what subjective thinking actually means .
It ’s based upon your own experience .
Your experience with any of the object , subject , person , and place can be different from other person .
Hence , your subjective thinking is convincing and reliable to yourself only .
However , on the other side objective thinking is convincible , reliable and proves its case itself .
For example , if I have purchased a laptop for $ 5 0 0 and I have receipt of it .
I can prove it to anybody , anywhere .
If someone wants to see the proof of it , I can simply handover receipt which will be duly signed by the shopkeeper from whom I purchased my laptop .
Hence , in producing the receipt I was being objective .
Objective thinking is provable , unbiased and to the point .
It is based upon true facts and figures .
Objective thinking doesn ’t depend upon a person ’s experience like in subjective thinking .
It is an argument which can be proved through methodical equations .
For example , I can claim that earth ’s mass is xyz tons and if someone objects I can go and sit and start to measure mathematically the mass of the earth , as Einstein did .
What You Need to Know about Objective Thinking As I mentioned above that objective thinking is talking about facts and figure and things which are universal truths .
For example , if I am visiting a grocery store and there I saw a pickle bottle .
Now , here my two type of thinking will come into action .
I will have two types of data to make a decision .
Objective thinking would be to see the price of the bottle .
There will be a price written on the label of it , say its $ 1 0 .
This is the thing which is already proved and needs no discussion or debate .
Another aspect of the same product is its quality .
Is this really tasty or not ? Is it spicy or will I like it ? This is what subjective thinking is called .

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