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Options Analyzer Lite
Options Analyzer Lite
Options Analyzer Lite
Options Analyzer Lite
Options Analyzer Lite
Options Analyzer Lite
Options Analyzer Lite
Options Analyzer Lite
Options Analyzer Lite
Options Analyzer Lite


Stop using an options calculator for pricing and start trading like a Pro on the go!

Toss your slow clumsy options calculator away. Option Analyzer is designed from the ground up to quickly provide an options trader of any level the information and tools the most advanced traders use to make an options trade* and monitor a portfolio of cash and option positions. In addition, bona fide professional options traders gave their input throughout the development process.

Effortless to Use

Equity options and stock market quotes are retrieved for an entire option series in one click, displaying both puts and calls on the same screen. Swiping over the maturity date brings in the next (or previous) series. A quick touch on a particular call or put instantly displays the current greeks (delta, gamma, theta, vega, rho)

Portfolios and Analytics

Whether you are paper trading or placing live trades, Option Analyzer Lite helps you keep track of your trades. Multiple portfolios can be created and positions quickly added directly from the quotation screen.

Analytic reports can be run against all open positions or just specific portfolios. Net option greeks are presented grouped by individual positions or the underlying equity, as is the mark to market P/L. Never again guess at your net delta or gamma exposure!

Stop using a Black Scholes option calculator - Option Analyzer Lite does the work for you!

A short video video tutorial that shows all the features of OptionAnalyzer is available http://goo.gl/EWkq5F

Option Analyzer Lite is advertiser supported. Option Analyzer is our ad free, paid version which includes graphs.

* Option Analyzer Lite cannot make live trades at this time.
** Does not quote binary options

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Options Analyzer Lite

Options Analyzer Lite

Leading Order Solutions Inc.


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