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ORC Assassin Simulator 3D
ORC Assassin Simulator 3D
ORC Assassin Simulator 3D
ORC Assassin Simulator 3D
ORC Assassin Simulator 3D
ORC Assassin Simulator 3D


"ORC Assassin War Simulator" is a great game owned by us It is a desert rocky scene to shoot Some of the well known deadly animals
Simulator has a story of classical way of shooting from Iron Axe and It reveals some of the facts people have to face in
olden ways of living so its a great way to have remembrance of some olden times challenges by playing this game

"ORC Assassin War Simulator"Uses most of the deadly animals which are mostly seen in rocky desert like following:
* "ORC Assassin war Simulator" uses vampire type fantasy deadly animals ware wolf
* "ORC Assassin War Simulator" used fantasy deadly animals like Mummy in damaged form
* "ORC Assassin War Simulator" uses fantasy deadly animals,vampire,lion,wolfs etc
* "ORC Assassin War Simulator" fantasy deadly animals lion, tiger and such type other
"ORC Assassin War Simulator" has specially designed graphics with game concept of Entertainment,It will be a great experience
for all of us to shoot them out in such an thrilling way
Simulator Important features:
1. It uses a radar simulator tool to have an access to these deadly across the scene animals.
2. It also uses a move anywhere simulator to fastly access them.
3. It has a unique fire System in classical way of Axe to cut them out.
4. It has great effects from both the On the way and side view of Camera.
How to Play:
"ORC Assassin War Simulator" is an easy to play game to have great fun so be ready.
First Use radar to locate the most Nearest enemy in the form of deadly animals.
Then Use Simulator move tool to move forward in the direction of enemy like wolf,mummy.
Upon Reaching the Goal you have to fire by using right hand Axe tool and save ur health.
Take a view across the seen to show Radar enemy location and move forward to another goal.
In this way u have to cut the all animals out to move the another mission of the game.
"ORC Assassin War Simulator" is Really a great simulator game Simulator is challenge for all good player how to handle with animals
" ORC Assassin War Simulator" is on the way for fun don't Miss such a Crazy Mission in classical way of shooting.

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ORC Assassin Simulator 3D

ORC Assassin Simulator 3D

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