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P3 Free Secure Applocker
P3 Free Secure Applocker
P3 Free Secure Applocker
P3 Free Secure Applocker
P3 Free Secure Applocker
P3 Free Secure Applocker
P3 Free Secure Applocker


P3 is a smart application locker designed to make you feel safe and secure about the contents of your mobile device. P3 differs from other applockers on the Playstore/internet in the sense that it doesn’t use passwords or pins to protect your privacy but uses a brand new unique and innovative concept of pictures and PassPoints to keep your data secure. P3 is a smart, perfect application lock which protects an unlimited number of apps on your mobile device right from your messengers, email clients, games, gallery, office apps etc.

P3 Applocker also has a feature called ghost mode which removes the app icon from your launcher screen and can only be accessed through the dial pad with the help of a unique code.

Frequently Asked Questions

1)What is this PassPoints system?
The PassPoint system is a new way to for a user to authenticate themselves. It uses Pictures and a sequence of points on those pictures to grant to deny access.

2)How do I set up these Passpoints?
Click the ‘Create Passpoints’ option in the navigation bar and then you will be provided with a view of different images. Chose an image and then choose a point on the picture. Repeat the process with 3 other picture. That’s it, and when you want to access a locked app, you’ll be prompted with the first image you choose during registration all you have to do is touch that same point and repeat it for the other images.

3)What if I press a wrong point?
Well if you press a wrong spot then you’ll we prompted with a random image and you’ll be able to restart the process after pressing any points on the other images. This prompting is done so as to keep intruders and unwanted people guessing your lock sequence.

4) What if I want to increase/decrease the number of images?
You can change the number in the settings menu but please remember the minimum number can be 3 while the max can be 8. And after you change this once you set your PassPoints you might have to set them again.

5) What if I forget my passpoints?
You just have to press the forgot Password option (?) in the top bar when asked to identify yourself and enter your email id and we will send you your reset code.

6)Can I set my own code to access the hidden P3 application in ghost mode?
Yes you can set your own code in the settings menu.

You can also enable for a pattern/captcha pattern to be prompted after the passpoints for added security. 

• Locks unlimited number of applications using Passpoints (and Patterns).
• Ghost Mode to remove the icon from the launcher menu.
• Stealth Mode to draw invisible patterns
• Touch Tolerance setter to configure the touch setting to your thumb so that you get quick and secure access while accessing your locked apps
• Its completely FREE

Feel free to send your feedback to us at qode21@gmail.com

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P3 Free Secure Applocker

P3 Free Secure Applocker

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