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Parental Control and Dashboard
Parental Control and Dashboard
Parental Control and Dashboard
Parental Control and Dashboard
Parental Control and Dashboard
Parental Control and Dashboard
Parental Control and Dashboard
Parental Control and Dashboard
Parental Control and Dashboard
Parental Control and Dashboard


Best Android Parental Control Apps, App lock, Kid Lock and Launcher for Smartphones, Tablets! Comes Bundled with Kids Safe Browser, Kids Video Player (with educationalists selected free kids videos from Youtube),

Parents who want to safely educate, inspire and entertain their kids through the power of smartphones, tablets – yet at the same time, protect them from inappropriate, adult content, spammy ads and unauthorized usage – can now download the app EddyPaddy Android Parental Control and Dashboard (Kids Launcher, App lock, Kid Lock, Kids browser).

Using EddyPaddy Android Parental Control and Dashboard i.e. Kids launcher, App lock Parents can provide a safe, secure, protected and locked environment i.e. sandbox for their children, kids, tweens, toddlers and babies to learn, play and create with age appropriate quality content. It’s perfect for any family as it provides multiple android profiles, kids safe browser, free kids videos with their own safe environment!

With a refreshingly easy-to-use interface that lets kids navigate, explore and play independently, EddyPaddy Android Parental Control and Dashboard (Kids Launcher, App Lock, Kid Lock) has a number of special features that make it unlike any other app, including:

• Individual Profiles: parents and kids create their own profiles, so that everyone feels as if they’re accessing their very own device. Parent profiles are password protected, and offer full access, including the ability to download apps. Child profiles restrict downloading, and prevent access to inappropriate or unauthorized apps, content and websites. Three distinct child profiles can be created, which makes the app ideal for families. this can be customised for Schools to have more profiles

• Pre-Loaded Age-Appropriate Videos: the app comes with over 400 wonderful and inspiring age-appropriate videos that are designed to help kids learn, play and create. No more YouTube Parental Controls needed

• Pre-Loaded Age-Appropriate Websites: the app comes with a variety of pre-configured, age-appropriate websites that are designed to help kids safely surf the web without access to porn or sexual adult content. Parents always have full control, and can add or remove websites at anytime using the web filter. The internet safety for kid is guaranteed by the inbuilt kids browser

• Content Filter and Organizer (App Lock): the app scans devices for age-appropriate apps, and neatly organizes them in one of three kid-friendly categories: Education, Creativity and Entertainment.

• App Recommendations: the app provides age-appropriate app recommendations, so that there’s always something new and fun to explore.

• Parental Dashboard: parents can access the app’s brilliant dashboard to customize their kids’ activities, and access insightful reports that highlight their kids’ areas of aptitude and interest. Plus, parents can set screen time schedule and limits for daily usage, and restrict access to certain time periods for kids.

EddyPaddy Android Parental Dashboard can be used on multiple devices making it the most affordable multiple android profile, kid safe, kid launcher, kid lock interface, app protector, phone protector, parental control, content filter,App Lock, sandbox for parents.

Default password to enter Parent Mode is "Z"

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Customer Feedback:
Best android parental control apps lock and launcher for smartphones, tablets. With EddyPaddy Parental Control Apps lock and launcher parents and teachers can ensure that kids are not preview to adult content, play with apps that are of appropriate age and difficulty, set parental screen time

Kids Apps, Kid Safe Videos and Kid Safe browser along with parental control really make for a powerful, fun and SAFE experience for kids

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Parental Control and Dashboard

Parental Control and Dashboard

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