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Pathology 3D Constructor DEMO
Pathology 3D Constructor DEMO
Pathology 3D Constructor DEMO
Pathology 3D Constructor DEMO
Pathology 3D Constructor DEMO
Pathology 3D Constructor DEMO
Pathology 3D Constructor DEMO
Pathology 3D Constructor DEMO
Pathology 3D Constructor DEMO
Pathology 3D Constructor DEMO


3D pathology constructor VIRCHOW – interactive modeling of diseases and syndromes.

Study pathology with a world-class app!

11 modules 19 organs 134 diseases/syndromes 153 microslides 179 macroslides 500 signs

VIRCHOW is a unique program that enables students to interactively model pathological changes in various diseases and syndromes on 3D models of human organs.

VIRCHOW offers you new learning opportunities:
1. You can model the morphological changes of various diseases and syndromes in a 3D space.
2. You can study signs, complications and outcomes of diseases and syndromes, as well as microslides and macroslides.
3. You can improve your skills of recognizing morphological changes and control your knowledge in pathology.

Explaining the complex in simple terms
A comprehensible presentation of learning material and realistic visualization of pathological changes in human organs facilitate a faster and more efficient study of pathology

Learn in virtual reality
The app allows you to – in a fascinating way – develop sustainable skills in recognition of morphological changes with the help of gamification and virtual reality

A modern approach to the study
The app conforms to the current international program for discipline of “Pathology”.

This app will gift you with deep knowledge of pathology and skills in recognizing morphological changes in human organs.

Content examples:
- Diseases of blood-forming organs and lymphoid tissue (3)
- Cardiovascular damage diseases and syndromes (27)
- Rheumatic diseases (4)
- Respiratory damage diseases and syndromes (13)
- Diseases and syndromes of gastrointestinal tract lesions (21)
- Diseases of the liver, biliary tract and exocrine portion of the pancreas (17)
- Kidney failure diseases and syndromes (14)
- Endocrine diseases (7)
- Diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system (7)
- Infectious diseases (19)
- Diseases of the immune system (2)
Download the app now, and achieve the best results in pathology!

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Our email address: ceo@somniumllp.com

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Pathology 3D Constructor DEMO

Pathology 3D Constructor DEMO

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