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Patterbuzz - Discover Content
Patterbuzz - Discover Content
Patterbuzz - Discover Content
Patterbuzz - Discover Content
Patterbuzz - Discover Content
Patterbuzz - Discover Content
Patterbuzz - Discover Content


Patterbuzz is your very own niche and premium content discovery application. Patterbuzz is the first of its kind to unbundle articles from premium indian magazines and make it available to you for individual purchase. With Patterbuzz, you can just buy the articles you like rather than purchasing the complete issue and read on all of your devices anytime .

You have been buying magazines even if you wanted to read that cover story only. Patterbuzz makes all the articles in the magazine available individually and you can choose what to read and pay for what you read. So, In cost of one magazine, you can actually read cover stories from many magazines.

Following are the key aspects of Patterbuzz:

1. Pay As You Go: Purchase a cover story or a single article without subscribing to complete magazine. You can just browse through the articles by having a preview of the articles. These articles are curated editorially and algorithmically so that you can get the best first irrespective of which magazine they belong too. These premium articles are not available individually on any other platform.

2. Experience: Read all your favorite content in rich, enhanced and interactive way with dynamic layouts. Patterbuzz had created channels to help you discover premium content while reading your daily dose of articles. Gone are the days when you bought print replicas in PDF format and then, scrolled and zoomed in your phone to read those tiny lines of text. Patterbuzz makes sure that all articles are suited to read without straining your hands and eyes.

3. Social: Share interesting articles with your friends on facebook or twitter. You can also like or rate an article. You let your friends know that you pay for articles and you don't support piracy. And you earn more currency by reading and sharing more. Find all the related videos for an article from youtube on just click of a button and watch it in app.

When you first launch Patterbuzz, just select any channel from the home screen and start reading. Read the free magazines by directly tapping on the magazines in the store. If you wish to subscribe, ust click on "Subscribe" icon. For single article, just purchase credit points and store them in your digital wallet. Use the credit points for Single Article or paid magazine subscriptions. You can register an account with Patterbuzz if you wish all of your purchases available on all your devices. Registration of an account gurantees that your purchases are safe even after you uninstall the application and re-install on same or any other device.

1) Paid Subscriptions are not auto-renewable. you need to manually renew them again if you wish to continue subscriptions.
2) Credit Points stored in Patterbuzz digital wallet are consumables and are not restored again. if not registered an account with Patterbuzz, all your articles purchased using credit points will be available to you only on the device you purchased the credit points.
3) if you wish to make your purchased content available on all devices, you'll need to register an account with Patterbuzz.

For more information and updates,
1. visit our website https://www.patterbuzz.com
2. Follow us via @patterbuzz
3. Like our facebook page http://facebook.com/patterbuzz

send a mail to support@patterbuzz.com if you need any help or have a suggestion.

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