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Pedometer for walking and running
Pedometer for walking and running
Pedometer for walking and running


Most people know they should exercise, you may not know where to start or how to fit it into a busy schedule.
Start walking today! Pedometer Step Counter helps you in daily activities even, Walking your pet dog, walking around the supermarket, parking further away from work, walking to school with your kids, have walking meetings at work, have walking with your friends, walk to see a close friend or neighbor rather than calling or driving.
Pedometer records the number of steps you have walked and displays them again along with the number of calories that you have burned, distance, walking time and speed per hour.It is easy to use. Once you push the Play button, all you have to do is hold your smartphone as you always do and walk. The free Pedometer and Step Counter app is the ideal tracker of your daily steps and movement. Let’s be honest, it’s the best step tracker app on the planet! These steps counter app also motivates you to walk more and collect more steps.
Enough exercise is important for good health. With Simple pedometer app you can count your daily steps taken, whether you're walking running jogging or just wants to monitor your calories if you want to lose weight.
Our Pedometer app is your perfect step tracker, helps you reach the recommended 10,000 steps per day to keep your overall healthy level, keep calories burned and acts as your personal kilometer or mile counter.
Take your first step today Step to it and download the free Simple Pedometer & Step Counter app for Android now.
Our pedometer motivates you to walk more with lots of challenges that you can accomplish. Use is simple just open the application and start running, walking and let your application do all the calculations.
You can view a graph with the number of steps you have walked and all other information anytime.
♛ ♛ App Features ♛ ♛
✪ Records steps, duration, distance, calories burned, pace and speed.
✪Adjust sensitivity according to your need.
✪ Advanced algorithm calculating calories burned.
✪Continuous counting steps under lock screen.
✪Pedometer with calorie burner has a Very easy interface and easy to use.
✪Provide the chart to show the number of steps.
✪Configurable step length for walking and running separately.
✪After you press the Start button, anytime, anywhere can walk in your measurement.
✪Automatically records all your steps.
✪Calories Burnt calculation.
✪Monitor & analyze rate & adjust your training based on your goal.
✪Count your steps, time, distance and calories burned with this pedometer.
✪This is very useful application for keeping you fit and count your calories burn.
Pedometer app works entirely from your phone. No Fitbit or other wearable fitness trackers are required for step tracking.
If you like our Pedometer , please, rate it. So we must improve this app embed new features according to your choice.
✓ Before you go to Start Using Set pedometer of your own choice from setting menu
Click on " Settings" and adjust mode if the step counter is not accurately recording your steps.
✓ It consume some battery, as it need keep the phone running all the time. Normally I have to recharge phone everyday. But I believe it worth.
✓ Some old models phone's accelerometers might provide incorrect data while screen is off. On those phones we recommend to keep screen on (with some of solid screen lock) while pedometer is working.
✓ Notifies a motivating voice that you can customize to tell your pace, distance, steps and tells information on voice on your own choice

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Pedometer for walking and running

Pedometer for walking and running

Fitness Apps,Inc


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