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Time to hip hop guys! Are your all set?

What is enjoyment in your style? Is it dance, hip hop, movies, music of all kinds, listening to cool talk shows, or fun filled games? Whatever be your style, we at PEK Radio (Piravom Edayar vazhi Koothattukulam) have set up the perfect radio station to meet your leisure demands! So, ready to enter and see what we have compiled for you??

Work all day and it makes you dull, won’t it? So, get a break guys! If a break means music or informative news, gossips, then that is what we have got! And just not the very old listen to music style- but this radio station PEK gifts you with a lot of surprises and rewards as you sway along with our energetic radio.

Peep in to find out our specialties:

Stay ahead of the crowd with our sizzling news, latest musical hits, talk shows, interviews, kiddie specials and much more. The radio is dedicated to the youth of culture rich Piravom- Koothkulam people, and this is a 24 hour fact and fun stuffed radio channel that is sure to boost the spirits of both young, old, and the adventurous kind.

Learn new innovative trends, the in- happenings of your very own town, who visiting your town, what’s happening in the neighborhood, send in friendly music requests for your family, close friends, to congratulate all those you love and share special moments in life.

Send your personalized messages to the people you care for their birthdays, new jobs, brilliant career advancements, new school and college admissions, inaugurating new offices and start ups, baby christenings, religious functions, college meets, public shows, and practically anything you feel is good enough to let the world around know more about you and your interests and ambitions in life.

Our broadcast never focuses on the glam world, but on the real world and that are all about you- the young vibrant folks out there! Let us know and we will most happy to share your recent experiences while travelling, or in college, or for a job interview or for a party and it could be something, funny, weird or cranky or even something depressing but useful tip you learnt in life. See, each minute of our life is unexpected, so why not share the new truth that we just learnt!

Plus, our highlight, we reward you! We have exciting apps and games that will reward with free mobile recharge as you listen and follow all our daily programs, so make sure to stay zapped to our radio. Oh yes, this is specially your radio! Because the more speak out to us, the more we can put in what you like!

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