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Pharmacology (Scrub Wars)
Pharmacology (Scrub Wars)
Pharmacology (Scrub Wars)
Pharmacology (Scrub Wars)
Pharmacology (Scrub Wars)
Pharmacology (Scrub Wars)
Pharmacology (Scrub Wars)
Pharmacology (Scrub Wars)
Pharmacology (Scrub Wars)
Pharmacology (Scrub Wars)


Review high yield pharmacology content by playing a video game. Try the first level (50 questions) for free!

Questions written/edited by practicing physicians, residents, and students (medical, graduate, undergraduate).

Scrub Wars was very popular among students, professors, physicians, & gaming experts at the 2014 and 2015 AMSA Annual meeting, 2014 UC Davis Pre-Health Expo, 2014 AAMC Annual Meeting, and 2013 DevLearn/Adobe Learning Summit.

Ideal Complement to any study regimen for any student taking pharmacology courses or the various licensing/board exams including:

Medical students, Residents, Attendings (USMLE Step 1/2/3, COMLEX Level 1/2/3, AIPGMEE, MCCEE, for preclinical courses, for review during clinical rotations as well as residency, and review for board/recertification exams)

Pharmacy students & Pharmacists (during core classes, NAPLEX & recertification exams)

Dental students & dentists (NBDE, recertification exams)

Nursing students & nurses (NCLEX & specialty exams)

Physician Assistants (PANCE & recertification exams)

Biology graduate students (nearly ever graduate school curriculum in the biological sciences involves pharmacology in some way)

Biology undergraduate students (many college students take pharmacology, physiology, and neuroscience courses as senior electives)

These are the included levels (50 questions per level):

1. Mixed Preview (100% Free)
2. General Pharmacology
3. Infectious Disease
4. Infectious Disease 2
5. ANS
6. ANS 2
7. CNS
8. CV
9. Endocrine/Reproductive
10. Renal
11. Hematology
12. Rheumatology & MSK
13. Psychiatry
14. Pain
15. Anesthesia
16. Immunology & Allergy
17. Pulmonology / GI / Oncology
18. Drugs of Abuse
19. Final Exam 1
20. Final Exam 2

Spectacular graphics & customized authentic space-themed game soundtrack

To promote retention and consolidate the content, test questions are strategically placed throughout the app (spaced learning)

After the successful completion of each level (need 70% to pass), the high yield facts tested are summarized in a few short sentences.

Can play game anywhere! Game designed to be played in situations where normal study does not occur (i.e. as a passenger, on a plane, waiting in line at the grocery store, between classes, on the toilet, etc.)

Email the creators directly from the app about any comments, suggestions, or problems. We will write back and make the necessary changes based on user feedback!

Challenge your classmates by sending Facebook posts and tweets from within the app!

Several funny professional promo videos and medical parodies already have a cult following on YouTube

COMPANY SITE: http://scrubwars.com/

FACEBOOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ScrubWarsApp

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/scrubwarsapp


PINTEREST: http://pinterest.com/scrubwars/

Keywords: medical terminology medical questions am medical medical logo
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Pharmacology (Scrub Wars)

Pharmacology (Scrub Wars)

Precision Enterprises LLC 2016


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