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Phone Saver - Ad
Phone Saver - Ad
Phone Saver - Ad
Phone Saver - Ad
Phone Saver - Ad


These days smart phones are a part of life without them life is incomplete. Smartphones help make our complex lives simple . One of them is being socially active and being connected to the world at all times. But as someone has said "There are no free lunches" the same applies to smartphones. Specifically, android based phone applications consume more battery thereby reducing usage time per charge.

Typically, a year old moderately used, branded smart phone, with WiFi and mobile data switched ON the battery last only for abut 6 to 7 hours.

The solution was to keep the mobile data in off mode and every 15 minutes switch the mobile data on to get connected. The need to stay connected and the necessity to manually switch ON and OFF mobile data gave birth to this application.

"PHONE SAVER" solves this problem as it helps to not only conserve battery but also automatically updates on the social networks, mails and cleans the cache which ensures that the phone runs efficiently thereby saving battery and increasing phone usage time.


1. Sync Frequency: This feature helps sync data by connecting to internet after a specific period of time for a couple of minutes. The parameter helps user to configure the minutes after which the phone will sync and gather data automatically. The phone automatically triggers these activities in the background without the user having to worry about switching on and off mobile data continuously.

2. Connectivity Options: For connecting to internet we have provided 2 Options viz. WiFi and mobile data. Selecting either or both option will command the app to switch on WiFi or Mobile data or Both every "Sync Freq" minutes.

3. Cache clear: We see that freeing cache helps the processor run efficiently thereby extending battery life. Thus we have provided an option for the same. Selecting this option will command app to clear cache every " Sync Freq" minutes. Please note that clearing cache has its own implications.

4. Phone on: It will be really annoying if while user is using internet and this app suddenly switches off the internet. Don't worry. We have ensured that the app works only in background and it's activity are transparent to user. The app restores the original state of WiFi and mobile data as they were before the app started whenever the screen is active.

5. Instant action buttons: In addition to the regular actions that the app can perform, we have provided individual buttons to take care of each of the activity. This helps you to customize the activity that you want the "PHONE SAVER" application to perform i.e. switching on or off the WiFi, Mobile data or clear cache individually.

Now that you have realized the power of "PHONE SAVER" and the things that one can do, we would like your attention towards some important things. One of them is the sync frequency. Our general survey has made us aware that people are okay to bear a delay of 15 to 20 minutes. Also, our tests indicate that whenever the Sync Frequency is set to 15-20 minutes results in about 20% improvement in battery life. This may vary from phone to phone depending on the individual condition and usage pattern.

Also users please note that the app currently switches on the mobile data and WiFi for only 2 minutes. If the user is not on good network there are chances that he may face more delays. The data may not be available till the next cycle.

NOTE for Lollipop users: Google has disabled the api for changing the data connection in the source program. Thus the mobile data feature will not be available for Android Lollipop users. Nonetheless, they can still enjoy other features of the app.

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Phone Saver - Ad

Phone Saver - Ad

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