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photo recovery elves
photo recovery elves
photo recovery elves
photo recovery elves


Scan for deleted and lost images on Android devices.(photo recovery elves)
2. The leading image reconstruction technology has achieved the photo recovery rate of more than 92%.
More photos, higher quality, more memories.
3. Select and restore erased images and videos.
Features: photo recovery elves
* no rooting needs, high quality cancel files.
* free download, scan and preview.
* find and save photos from inside your phone's internal storage, external storage, and memory card.
* file format: JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, JPG, TIF, 3GP, MP4.
* support vendors: samsung, HTC, SONY, Google, MOTOROLA, zte, LG, lenovo, huawei, Vivo, OPPO, Nubia, Mi, meizu, Coolpad, Gionee.( photo recovery elves)
Summary: -
- > to recover deleted photos will restore you accidentally delete all images due to lack of space.
- > return application to delete pictures will help you to delete all the photos.
- > because there will be a lot of photos, so the recovery image will appear in the folder structure, so that you get you restore photo first.
- > it will not recover all photos, but will ask you which pictures in your memory, so as not to run out of space.
- > save through social media, open and will be back to photos to share with your friends and family.
# why want to delete recovery files and data?
- > due to lack of space, accidentally deleted photos
- > when traveling, you delete photos, but later want to restore
- > don't worry about all the photos in the recycle bin in the video, photos can restore deleted photos later.
# how to recover deleted photos in Android?
- > open the application, will have two options to start a new search and save the session
- > if you are the first to recover, please press the \"start a new search.
- > this will start from your mobile phone and SD memory card to restore all deleted photos.
- > keep in mind that the recovery process is time-consuming, so please be patient.You can minimize the application by pressing the home button, we will notice when recovery process is complete.
- > restore image will like you delete the time the image display and organization in the folder structure.
- > click on the folder, and then choose to restore image, and then click the download button.It will restore selected files.
- > by clicking on the photos will be restored by photo to save and share to anyone.
- > now, you can click \"save session\" button to load the session in the search results.
# features: -
- > restore and recover any deleted photos and documents
- > good, simple GUI
- > if you want to restore later photos, please save search results to save time.
- > save and share to delete all the photos from the library
# disclaimer: -
- > we do not use in any form and any user data storage.
Specific contact https://www.dogdatareocvery.com for more information

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