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What is PhotoSurvey?

PhotoSurvey is built for capturing, marking and organizing images for the purpose of conducting photo surveys.

A photo survey is a collection of photographs that capture a particular object or environment. Photos include graphical markers with an accompanying note, providing detailed information about specified areas or objects.

- Who is it for?

PhotoSurvey is great for Architects, Engineers, Construction Managers and other Design and AEC Professionals who need to take and share field notes quickly. PhotoSurvey is also great for home-owners or home-renters who need to take inventory of their living spaces.

- Basic Features

- Custom flag types to markup images.
- Import image from device storage
- Import PDF from Dropbox and convert to image
- Capture image using device camera
- Flags can be placed onto desired areas of image
- Compiled reports of individual Survey Photos can be shared via email, messaging or other suitable device application

- Quick Start Guide -

1. Create a profile
2. Add some flag types
3. Create a survey, select the profile you just created
4. Add an image to your survey
4. Select the image from the grid view to view it in full screen
5. Tap the image to place a flag
6. Long-press and drag a flag to reset its position
7. Tap a flag to update its type and/or note
8. Share a photo by selecting the "Share Icon" when viewing a photo in full screen
9. Go to town!

- How It Works

Personalized collections of markers, called Flag Types, are organized within PhotoSurvey Profiles. For example, a Building Inspector might create a profile for commercial building inspections, and another for residential building inspections. Within either profile, the Inspector would create flag types specific to the respective environment; i.e., a flag type for ADA violations in commercial, or faulty electrical outlet in residential.

Profiles are then used to create a Survey; a collection of photographs or images onto which flags belonging to the parent Profile are placed. Continuing with the Building Inspector example from above, a Survey might include photographs taken with the Inspector's device during an on-site inspection. Additionally, if the Building Inspector has access to PDF floor plans or other building documentation, he or she can import those documents into the survey as images.

Once an image has been added to the Survey, either by importing an image from device storage, capturing an image using the device camera, or importing a PDF document, flags can be placed onto the image by simply tapping the desired location.

When placing a new flag onto an image, the user is prompted to select a flag type. Optionally, a text field labeled "Note" is provided to accept additional information if necessary.

To move a flag that has already been placed onto the image, simply touch and hold (long-press) the flag, and proceed to drag and drop the flag to the desired location.

To edit or delete an existing flag, tap (quick-press) the flag, and proceed to the flag editing screen.

- Sharing Survey Photos -

Reports for individual survey photos can be compiled and shared via email, messaging and similar sharing services available on the device. An example of such a report is included in the screen shots below.

- What's Coming -

- Performance improvements
- PDF exports of Surveys
- Flag grouping and visibility controls (freeze / thaw flags)
- Import / export of custom Profiles
- Collaborative Surveys with multiple participants

- Known Issues -

- Excessively large photos and PDFs have been known to crash the application. Using images 2048x2048 or smaller is advised.
- Sharing photos after placing or moving flags may crash the application. A temporary workaround for this is to go back to the photo grid page, select the desired photo, and try again.

- Feedback -

Feedback regarding usefulness, performance, etc., is very much appreciated. Thanks!

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