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Pirate Shooter is a game of shooting angry black birds and collecting golden eggs that drops from them when you shoot them down!

As a pirate you are to protect your ship and crew from the invading angry black birds and also at the same time collect the most gold treasure to build up you ship and empire.

The only pirate who is an experience and awesome shooter, that’s you! Should collect all treasure by shooting down the birds and collecting them in the basket before the tide sweeps it away from the bay.

Your ship has landed on a stranded island somewhere in the Caribbean and is unable to leave the bay because the pirate ship does not have enough resources to build it up. Lucky for you, you have your bow and an experience shooter. Can you prove that you are an awesome pirate shooter?

Collect as many treasure golden eggs as possible by shooting down the black angry birds before they invade your island and eat all your resources.

Once you have collected enough then you are able to go back to your own island and be one of the mightiest pirate kings ever lived.

Beware of angry storms as it gets darker. The Caribbean seas may bring you much more fury than you can imagine. The silent bay will turn its force on you!
Attack and shoot the birds, collect its gold and catch it in your basket to save your ship and own island empire in the best new casual strategy game on mobile and tablet devices!

Pirate Shooter is an amazing, fun, free-to-play game, where you collect golden treasure eggs to gain piles of gold and compare with friends on Facebook! Show them who the best pirate shooter is and who is the best pirate to be the king amongst the kings! It is an addictive, dynamic game trending in the shooting games genre.

Your mission: you are a mighty pirate in and bets skilled as a shooter, your quest is to conquer the Caribbean Bay from the angry black birds and collect Golden treasures to return to your amazing pirate island and claim the throne from the kings. Don't forget... the more you practice the more treasure you get before the loot is swept away by the bay tide.

Connect to Facebook, and show off your score and progress to your friends! Playing Pirate Shooter game has never been so much FUN!

Compete with your Facebook friends and tell them about Pirate Shooter!

Start your pirate quest and join millions on the latest pirate shooting games!

- Free to play!
- Amazing real-sound environment.
- Connect to Facebook and invite your friends.
- Never stop playing! The more you practice the better you get!
- Play at your pace! There's no time limit. Just beware of the sweeping tide!

Pirate Shooter is 100% free to play.
Visit us at https://www.facebook.com/iPiratebyTruDroidz

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Pirate Shooter

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