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Police Crime Simulator
Police Crime Simulator
Police Crime Simulator
Police Crime Simulator
Police Crime Simulator
Police Crime Simulator
Police Crime Simulator
Police Crime Simulator
Police Crime Simulator


Police Crime Simulator is the most challenging police game on android.
In this crime simulator you are playing as Police officer with no back up and it’s your duty to make the streets of the city safe.

Police Crime Simulator will start with a tutorial to make it clear for you what you do in this game!
Your main task of this game will be stop the criminals and make the grand city safe

There are 4 Different kind of missions in Police Crime Simulator

- Drive and collect documents: Drive around in your police car and you have to collect document with informations about the riot which is going on in the city. With these info you can take the gangsters down. You only can do this kind of missions when you own your own police car.
- Eliminate Criminals Hideout: During this type of missions you have to take down the Criminals in their hideout and make sure they don’t kill you otherwise it will cost your life.
- Retrieve a stolen vehicle: You have to retrieve the stolen car and you can do this by going in stealth mode and take the car without getting spot by the thugs or you can choose by shoot your way thru the criminals and kill them before you retrieve the vehicle.
- Plant a bomb and detonate: As the police officer you have to infiltrate a property or get close to a car and blow it up with your planted bombs. You have to make sure you are not detonating it too early because than you will blow up yourself.

Do you have what it takes to defeat the crime and make the city safe again. To help you extra in in police crime simulator you can upgrade your police officer or upgrade car with extra armor, more impact, improve your shooting accuracy and many more.

Features of Police Crime Simulator:
•Buy new police cars with extra armor & speed
•5 different police cars each with different unique features
•Buy extra armor to survive the hard missions
•improve your character during the game to become a better police officer
•unique gameplay for mobile & tablet
•Play as a Police Officer
•Make the grand city safe
•Unlock special events

We hope you will enjoy Police Crime Simulator and off course our other simulator and parking games and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Google+ or like us on Facebook so we can keep you up to date with our latest new games.

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Police Crime Simulator

Police Crime Simulator



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