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Police Sniper:Cop Duty
Police Sniper:Cop Duty
Police Sniper:Cop Duty
Police Sniper:Cop Duty
Police Sniper:Cop Duty
Police Sniper:Cop Duty
Police Sniper:Cop Duty
Police Sniper:Cop Duty
Police Sniper:Cop Duty
Police Sniper:Cop Duty


Police Sniper:Cop Duty is a free action FPS (first person shooter) game that throws you in a city fully under control Mafia smugglers where you have to carry out the sniper operation against the kidnappers. These smugglers have kidnapped children and held the whole city as hostage. The SWAT sniper department has launched a sniper strike operation to save the lives of children kidnapped by the Mafia smugglers. You have been transported to your marksman nest by a police car and your duty is to clean up this mess before it gets too late. The time of this spec ops operation is midnight, so that you can use your sniper strike skills to be a stealth assassin and destroy these terrorists. You have to be there at mid night and kill all the guards and free the children and then attack the drug centers of the Mafia smugglers. You are a cop on special duty trained with sniping skills in SWAT police academy.

In Police Sniper:Cop Duty, you are a city cop and you have been trained at the police academy for sniper strike operations. Although you have been given training at the SWAT police academy, however you don't have real action experience. This is a huge moment for you, take a deep breath and lock on your target, aim for the head to get a kill shot and see the bullet whizzing through the air and into the terrorists' skull. Body shots won't help you in this situation because time is short and they are killing hostages every second. Use head kill shots to save time, progress through the game, unravel new challenges in each level and become the sniper strike agent you were born to be.

This game comes with HD graphics and is optimized to work perfectly on any phone/tablet. The player starts off on a rooftop in a city, surrounded by terrorists at midnight. The moment you shoot at the terrorists head, you'll see the bullet ripping through the atmosphere, closing in on the target and eliminating the terrorists with a kill shot!

Police Sniper:Cop Duty Game Features:
- 3D HD realistic graphics
- Smooth easy controls
- Multiple levels and missions
- Intelligent enemy AI
- Captivating sound effects
- Amazing slow motion kill cam effect
- Realistic FPS (First Person Shooting) controller
- Fascinating views and amazing animations
- User friendly GUI
- Various terrorist characters with unique attack and defence animations

How to Play:
- Touch & drag anywhere on the screen move your weapon
- Use the scope button to aim closer and close in for the kill
- Tap the fire button on the right side to shoot
- You have limited ammunition but a very short time to save the hostages

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Police Sniper:Cop Duty

Police Sniper:Cop Duty

Shooting Star Game Studios


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