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Pregnancy Woman Symptoms | Emulator
Pregnancy Woman Symptoms | Emulator


Are you in a dilemma whether you are pregnant or not? Do you have trouble detecting pregnancy?
The pregnancy test application offers a new way to predict whether you are pregnant or not. I know you can get various types of pregnancy test kit, ultrasound and find the result but

Using the pregnancy test application will add more to the excitement.

The application is based on the duration of your period cycle, your current age, the last date of your menstruation and the different types of early pregnancy symptoms and signs that

Will give you ideas to determine whether you are pregnant or not.

Keep in mind that the results are not always accurate. Although the pregnancy test kit has great accuracy. These methods are only a fun way to guess whether you are


Pregnancy Test Woman Simulator is a free girl application used to simulate or tell other girls' families or friends around you in a few simple steps.

Brooch and joke with your friend. boyfriend. Girlfriend or even your husband.
Our pregnancy + application can also be customized for dads, grandparents and other family members.

Pregnancy Reviews Scanning Simulator is a joke or a false application. Do not work for real. Contains ads.
How it works? Pregnancy test asks you a series of simple questions, such as the date of your last menstrual period or your last report. All you need to do is check off the symptoms you are having
All information provided by you is completely confidential.

Weekly Pregnancy Week is a very useful application for a pregnant woman.

Click on the fingerprint reader to get a random result.
Everything you need in a pregnancy application!

The pregnancy test application is based solely on the general assumption. It gives you information about your pregnancy, but the information may or may not be 100%. The results displayed are based on general information about pregnancy. This is the best app for fun with your friends and family.

Make them believe that you are pregnant or other woman are pregnant just take a picture of her belly or take one in the photo gallery.
The course of a pregnancy varies from woman to woman, plus some symptoms does not hide the fact that you are pregnant.

With Weekly Pregnancy Week you can easily:

 Simulating finger sweeping
 Simulate a pregnancy test.
 Great as a game.
 Full use free of charge.
 Records the frequency and duration of contractions
 A Baby Shopping List
 Thousands of baby names
 A guide to baby sizes
 News on the progression of pregnancy every week
 And much more !
 Follow your pregnancy week by week
 Getting information about your baby
 Calculate the current week of pregnancy
 Calculate the due date (date of pregnancy)
 Track Your Weight
 Follow the kicks
 DAILY about your pregnancy
 Scanners and color images
 Customized Guide
 Custom Weight Tracking
 Schedule of Medical Appointments
 News on nutrition, exercise and work
 Counter of baby traits in the belly

It will automatically start counting your pregnancy level when pressing the scanner
It is compatible with an almost Android device to install on a smart phone and tablets
Easy to read
Fluid interface for friendly processing.

If you have any questions regarding this pregnancy test application, contact us. If you like this Pregnancy Test Prank app, share it with your friends and family.

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Pregnancy Woman Symptoms | Emulator

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