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Puppy Z, your Virtual Pet
Puppy Z, your Virtual Pet
Puppy Z, your Virtual Pet
Puppy Z, your Virtual Pet
Puppy Z, your Virtual Pet
Puppy Z, your Virtual Pet
Puppy Z, your Virtual Pet
Puppy Z, your Virtual Pet
Puppy Z, your Virtual Pet
Puppy Z, your Virtual Pet


PuppyZ is a different virtual pet, has a room in which to move around freely, play and eat.
Also you can transport the augmented reality to see it on your desk, floor or in your hand.
It has three different skins that you can change anytime.
Enable the microphone option of the app and interact with your pet really!! It's fun !!
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Puppy responds to certain keystrokes in your 3d environment. These are the most common:
Clicking on the carpet puppy comes running. This is the starting point. Here we touch the puppy and perform certain movements. Dragging the hand icon on the pet, it is turned upside down and growls.
Clicking on furniture background, go to them, walking dog.
If you click on the corner lamp, the light turns off and the dog falls asleep. If the dog was already asleep and the lights off, touching the lamp light turns on and the dog wakes up.
Clicking on any of the two tables, balls falling from the ceiling at random.
Clicking on the balls, puppy pursues. Each time the puppy touches any of the initial balls, new balls that disappear when you touch them are created. When the dog touches the initial balls and play with them, energy is consumed and the puppy thin.
While in the kitchen, touching the plate of food or drink will be fed puppy. Do not feed the dog a lot that you can be fat and slow and lazy. In this case, you have to play a lot with him so thin.
While in the bathroom, you must first open the tap and wait for the level to rise. After a moment, the water closes automatically and the sponge is displayed. If you drag the sponge over the puppy, a lot of foam and bubbles will be created and the puppy will be clean. Once clean, we can dry with towel the same way.
As days go by, the puppy grows and becomes larger.
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Your skin changes if dirty or clean, if you are fat or thin.
You can play with him in his room or take it to the game room where you divertereis a lot.
To your dog loves to play with the ball (click on it to jump) and tirelessly pursue. This form will go up and the points. If you get many you can buy the necklace and even change the appearance (skin).
If you click on the box that is on the couch, the ball will fall back into its original place.
By clicking on the lamp in the corner, the light turns off and the dog will sleep. If you click again lit the lamp and puppy wakes.
You can pet when clicking on the carpet many times over the puppy.
If you click on the food dish, the dog will eat the ration.
In the laundry room, you have to open the tap so that the water level rises. At one time, the faucet will automatically close and you can wash it with a sponge. Washing is fun and lots of foam and soap bubbles appear.
Then you can dry it with towel and drain the water well.
Image to activate the augmented reality:


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Puppy Z, your Virtual Pet

Puppy Z, your Virtual Pet

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