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Puzzlehunt Assistant
Puzzlehunt Assistant
Puzzlehunt Assistant
Puzzlehunt Assistant
Puzzlehunt Assistant
Puzzlehunt Assistant
Puzzlehunt Assistant
Puzzlehunt Assistant


Puzzlehunt Assistant is an application designed to simplify and automate many problems faced in cipher solving and puzzlehunt games. Many common types of ciphers are available, e.g., Morse code, Semaphore, Caesar, Vigenère and related ciphers, letter numbering in various bases, etc.

Most of the decipher tools show, besides a plain translation of the code, several variants as well (differing in orientation, mirroring etc.) Extensive reference lists and tables are also available. Since version 2.0 it is possible to use Puzzlehunt Assistant for cipher design as well as solving.

Also included are several tools for easing routine tasks accompanying cipher solving – frequency analysis, checkpoint logbook, calendar, and a regular expression search engine.

Unique features of the Puzzlehunt Assistant:
→ Intuitive touch control optimized for both phones and tablets
→ Graphical signal flag recognition
→ Fine-tuning of alphabetical ordering (optional inclusion of J, Q, X)
→ Regexp dictionary search among almost 90000 entries
→ Automated checkpoint logbook (check-in and check-out time, solution, notes, …)
→ Complete reference tables (including symbols, signal flag meanings, etc.)
→ Option to switch localisations (currently en, cs)

Puzzlehunt Assistant offers the following tools:
– Morse code, reference, variants, transmission via flash light or beeps
– Braille, reference
– Letter numbering in five radices, Roman numerals, permutations; cyclic counting, ASCII, alphabet fine-tuning
– Semaphore, reference, variants
– Pigpen ciphers, Polybius square, Multi-tap, variants, Bifid and Trifid ciphers
– Signal flags, reference including single flag meanings
– Caesar, Atbash, Vigenère, Beaumont, autokey, keyword ciphers, custom translation tables
– Transposition ciphers: aligning the input in rectangle or triangle, geometric manipulation (zoom, rotation, shear)
– Extensive frequency analysis – letters, digits, symbols, word lengths, initial & final letters, etc., reference table of typical English relative letter counts
– Calendar tools, conversions of day numbers in week/month/year, difference, optional reference of Czech and Slovak name days
– Checkpoint Logbook, automated check-in and check-out time record, notes; export
– Regular expression dictionary search using spell checker dictionary (download required)

Please note that Puzzlehunt Assistant is neither designed nor meant to:
– display any sort of artificial intelligence including suggestions, prediction, or utility rating
– passively display lookup tables, Morse trees etc.
– substitute commonly available apps like calculator, web searcher, or OCR
– substitute paper in graphical cipher solving

Explanation of required permissions:
– Internet access, Read and Write access to external storage: needed for downloading and storing of dictionary data
– Camera, flashlight (new in 2.0): needed for transmitting Morse code using light

Tested on the following devices:
– Samsung Galaxy Note
– Samsung Galaxy SII
– Samsung Galaxy i5800
– Yarvik TAB220
– Vodafone 845
– HTC Desire Plus C

Comments and suggestions most welcome!

**Translators and correctors wanted**
The current English translation was provided solely by the author. Any suggestions for better / more natural formulations are accepted. Please don't hesitate contact me on my e-mail listed above. Thank you in advance!

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Puzzlehunt Assistant

Puzzlehunt Assistant

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