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Quran - Colour Coded Tajweed
Quran - Colour Coded Tajweed
Quran - Colour Coded Tajweed
Quran - Colour Coded Tajweed
Quran - Colour Coded Tajweed
Quran - Colour Coded Tajweed


13 line color coded Tajweed Quran app using high-resolution images.

NOTE: If you have issues with missing pages, then:

A) Locate the file size folder that page is missing for and then download from here


b) Use a file manager to upload to the location.


1. Viewable in portrait and Landscape mode.
2. Ability to save to bookmarks.
3. Ability to save favourites.
4. Creates a custom folder to store over 800 pages of Quran.
5. Resolution options of 100mb, 250mb and 500mb ideal for small/big screens and storage space.
6. Faster background download.
7. Option to turn off dimming

It uses curl effect for a page turn, a technology that did not exist on the Android for a right to left turn. So the developer had to reverse engineer the technology on this particular script to get it to work.

I deliberately at this stage avoided many features and addons that other Quran apps have i.e. Audio. It is meant to be a plain and simple Tajweed app that replicates a real Mushaf [The book that contains the Quran], period!

Known issues:

1. It uses high resolution images that are approx' 100mb - 500mb [Downsized from 600mb but still maintaining good quality]. They have to be download to a folder using wifi or mobile connection. Consequently it can take some time to download [it took me 20 mins on wifi and reported 40 minutes by others on mobile]. One of the reasons is that it is hosted on my shared server.

2. Fortunately it can do this in the background

3. the landscape view will not stretch images as it will look skewed. So you will need to zoom in for better reading.

Please use the following contact form to let me know about any issues: http://www.meaningofquran.com/contact/

JazakAllah. Remember me in your dua's as you read. Please let others know about this app.

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Quran - Colour Coded Tajweed

Quran - Colour Coded Tajweed

Azzam Sheikh


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