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Rage Comics
Rage Comics
Rage Comics
Rage Comics
Rage Comics
Rage Comics
Rage Comics
Rage Comics
Rage Comics
Rage Comics


The best reader for all the reddit f7u12 rage and Advice Animals comics!
This app background loads comics, so they are ready when you are. Ever try to load another app in class or where you have no signal? Challenge accepted - this app reads from your cache, so no worries! Try this with any other rage comics app and you will see the difference! Install this app and another, pop your device in airplane mode, and watch what happens.... Me Gusta!

Offline enabled - comics are cached on your device so they are available even without a signal. This is huge! This is what separates this app from the others in the pack
Notifications when new comics are found. You no longer have to refresh like a caveman!
Comments See comments, and then jump over to reddit with one click to add your own
Super fast
Share with your chums through email, facebook, whatever.
Smooth swipe down to refresh
The best - get all the latest reddit f7u12 comics. Hot, New, Top!
Infite Scrolling loads more and more and more when swiping down to the end of the comics
Free as a bird
Sweet as pie

Don't go anywhere without your favorite internet meme anymore!

Advice animals and f7u12 now included!

Comics are loaded super fast from reddit's /r/fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu via interweb-enabled nano monkeys, and cached locally. That way next time you need a troll fix, nothing to download! No loading errors because of a slow connection!
In a waiting room with no connection - no problem! In airplane mode? - don't worry! You can still browse your cached comics.

Share all the funny comics and advice animals with friends over facebook or other social media apps.
More features planned. More content and controls - coming soon!
Until then, enjoy Raceguy Trollface, Coolface, Ceral Guy, Okay Guy, F**K Yea Guy, Forever Alone guy, Y U NO Guy, Me Gusta!

Send me some feedback: castlehillsoftware@gmail.com

Rage Comics Reader - the best way to get your rage meme on

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Rage Comics

Rage Comics

Castle Hill


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