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Real Jurassic Dinosaurs Race
Real Jurassic Dinosaurs Race
Real Jurassic Dinosaurs Race
Real Jurassic Dinosaurs Race
Real Jurassic Dinosaurs Race
Real Jurassic Dinosaurs Race
Real Jurassic Dinosaurs Race
Real Jurassic Dinosaurs Race
Real Jurassic Dinosaurs Race


Escape from the Jurassic Dinosaurs Zoo where you are kept in captivity! Help the dinosaur to run for its freedom!

There´s an impressive and successful Jurassic Dinosaur Zoo with different dino species that attracts many visitors every year. Contrary to popular belief, dinosaurs are not aggressive animals and you can watch them living peacefully in the Zoo. But real dinosaurs, as every wild animal, also suffer in captivity: They were born to be free! And they are so big that it is hard to build a Jurassic Zoological Park secure enough to keep them inside... making this Zoo very controversial.

The alarm of the Zoo is ringing! There is a security breach and some dinosaurs are escaping!
Come on! It is your time to move and escape from the jails of the Zoo!

In this animal game you will be inside of your favourite real dinosaur trying to escape from the Jurassic Zoo in a race for its freedom. Help him to survive and race against all the security forces trying to capture it!

- Protect your dino against the police attacks in an infinite race across the city
- Choose your favourite real dinosaur and start a race for your survival. Each one has unique features, so choose wisely!
- Security forces are your enemy. Learn how to avoid them before you get killed!
- Addictive simulator game with amazing graphics: Enjoy the realism of these animal races!
- These races full of action are very intuitive to play!
- These dinosaur games are appropriate for children and adults of all ages

The scene is already prepared. Ready to start these animals games?

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Real Jurassic Dinosaurs Race

Real Jurassic Dinosaurs Race

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