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Rescue Game for Kids
Rescue Game for Kids


This Rescue Game for kids is suitable for children who love emergency vehicles. If you are looking for free toddler games this is it!

Although this is a simple matching game you have to match the game cards in the right order of play. Start on the top line corners and match with other outside tiles then move inwards. This is a link match game. There has to be a direct link between the 2 matching game cards. If you have a match in the outside row across the top, that'll work, and along the sides and bottom, too. You have to work your way in from the outside and work your way out from the inside of the game board.

Rescuer Reid is a rescue game that needs to match police cars, fire engines, nurses and tools to take with him to each emergency but he only has 100 seconds on the first round, less on the following rounds, until you run out of time!

Each level needs you to go faster until you get as fast as you can. But don't worry you will also get help if you need it by using the REFRESH button 3 times. This button will also mix up the game cards to make it easier to find the matches.

If this help isn't enough for you, there is also a FIND button.

Rescuer Reid is an addictive game loved by small children and not so small children and will keep them entertained for hours. I hope you enjoy this free rescue game! We would love your feedback - just email games@121temps.com

It is a game where you match emergency vehicles, people and items plus it is a race to find the matching links that gets harder with each round. A rescue game that's free. A game where you match from the outside and work inwards (only match tiles that have space around them)

Clip art courtesy of NRC Design Studio (police ad firefighter items)
Sound courtesy of freesound.org

Thank you to morgantj from Freesound for the gameplay windchime sound.

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Rescue Game for Kids

Rescue Game for Kids



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