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RheumaTrack® RA
RheumaTrack® RA
RheumaTrack® RA
RheumaTrack® RA
RheumaTrack® RA


RheumaTrack® RA is the rheumatism App which enables you to monitor your rheumatism perfectly.

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RheumaTrack® RA is a personal digital patient diary with the following functions:

• Protocol for pain according to visual analog scale (VAS)
• Individual medication planner
• Function documentation with simple function survey (according to FFbH)
• Protocol for pain and pain localization
• Lucid illustration of the pain diary as a history, list or calendar
• Documentation of morning stiffness
• Documentation of sports activities, infection times and inability to work
• Reminder function for pain value recording, medication intake, checks & doctor’s visits
• Functional and intuitive user guidance
• Extensive statistical evaluation
• Notes function for pain value entry
• Code lock against undesired access
• Export of data for archiving and printing for entries, checks and medication intake
• Export of data in an email as a CSV file (for import e.g. to Excel) or in PDF format

Clearly Laid Out Follow-Up Control
The app was especially developed by rheumatologists to help patients to autonomously monitor their rheumatism in an optimal way. By means of intuitive user guidance, simple graphics and symbols, you can maintain a clear overview of pain values, morning stiffness and use of medication thanks to the app.

Medication Scheduler
The medication scheduler helps you to take your medication at the correct time and helps you to record what you take. Important note: please only enter your use and dosage for the medication as described by the doctor, patient information leaflet or pharmacist.

Perfect Reminders
By means of RheumaTrack’s reminder function you will no longer forget to save your activity records. Let yourself be reminded of when you should take your medication in the same way in which you can be reminded of regular checks or doctors’ visits. Should your medication supplies run short, RheumaTrack® RA will notify you on the display of your device.

Export function
By means of the export function you can back up and archive your personal rheumatism patient diary. All of the data recorded can be backed up in email format, as a CSV file or as a formatted PDF file.

Install RheumaTrack® RA on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad today and experience how the RheumaTrack® RA electronic patient diary can help you to keep a closer eye on yours disease.

Contact for support, questions & suggestions: info@rheumatrack.de

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RheumaTrack® RA

RheumaTrack® RA

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