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RingSmart - Ringer Control
RingSmart - Ringer Control
RingSmart - Ringer Control
RingSmart - Ringer Control
RingSmart - Ringer Control
RingSmart - Ringer Control
RingSmart - Ringer Control
RingSmart - Ringer Control


Ring Smart, Live Smarter! Ringer control in the smartest and most user friendly way possible!

Ring Smart allows you to automatically adjust your mobile device ringer style and volume based on Location, Time of Day and Day of the week; Taking your ringer control, in a smart way, back into your own hands. Imagine never having to remember to turn off your ringer at the movie theatre, then remember to turn it back on once you leave. Or, you don't want to be disturbed after 10pm at home? Simply set ringer control of the location to turn off the ringer after 10pm and back on at 9am without ever touching your device to do so.

The app is even smart enough to know when you have left a specific location, automagically turning itself back on to your default settings. If your ringer was off at home after 10pm, and you go out at 11pm, the ringer would turn back on once you've left your home.

In Emergency mode, you can set a threshold for a calling number to make incoming calls within a preset number of minutes to constitute an emergency. Once the threshold is reached, your phone ringer will automatically turn on to notify you of the call - Now that's pretty smart!

** New in Version 2.5: Added ability to set active times by time of day and by day of the week.
** New in Version 2.6: Do Not Override current volume settings in default locations
** New in Version 2.7: Emergency Mode for incoming calls

This app is 100% ad free - we will never clutter your screen or your experience with unwanted ads - we know how annoying that can be!

Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RingSmartApp


• Automatically follows your GPS location to known (programmed) places.
• Ability to set the active Day Of The Week for each location
• Emergency Mode - Allows you to have your ringer automatically turned on for emergency calls
• Manually add locations by entering in an address
• Ability to not override current ringer volume on default locations (non programmed locations)
• Homescreen Widget for quick reference
• Ability to tighten or widen the accuracy area in areas where GPS isn't always accurate
• Turn ringer volume up, down, vibrate or silent
• Ability to turn the Ring Smart service ON or OFF manually
• Ability to display or hide notifications
• Add a location multiple times to incorporate additional time settings
• Notification identifies which location profile is currently active
• Low battery consumption
• Ad Free - Never any ads

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RingSmart - Ringer Control

RingSmart - Ringer Control

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