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rmndr - The better reminder
rmndr - The better reminder
rmndr - The better reminder
rmndr - The better reminder
rmndr - The better reminder
rmndr - The better reminder
rmndr - The better reminder
rmndr - The better reminder
rmndr - The better reminder
rmndr - The better reminder


==25% Anniversay Discount - 5 Pluginslots: 0,99$ - Infinite Slots: 2,79$ ==

There are lots of ToDo Apps out there but rmndr goes another way than all these other apps. Instead of letting you give a title, a text and if things get crazy a list, rmndr will know what you want to remember thanks to its plugin system.

Every plugin offers a different Creation Screen with different inputs. For example for owings you have to tell the app an amount and who owes the money to whom. For plants the app will ask for an interval between waterings and if it is a houseplant or a gardenplant.

The other plugins offer different creation screens too but hit the Install Button and find out yourself. The plugins are:

- Appointments
- Bank Transfers
- Birthdays
- Calls
- Contracts
- Events
- Feed Pets
- Homework
- List Notes
- Notes
- Owings
- Pills
- Plants
- Releases
- Shopping Lists

Besides the plugin system rmndr offers a whole lot of features. You’ll recognize some of them from other ToDo Apps but the rest will be totally new to you:

- Combined Notifications:
If you didn’t specify a time for your reminder, rmndr will take this item and will display it in a combined notification together with all the other reminders that don’t have a time specified. This gets explained in more detail in the tutorial.
- Hide Reminders:
Hiding a reminder will hide it from the main view of the app but you will still get notified when the reminder is due. This is handy for birthdays and other stuff you don’t want to have in front of your face the whole time.
- Archive Reminders:
It’s like deleting but you may still access these reminders in the archive.
- Link reminders to Urls
- Link reminders to Contacts
- 7 Themes
- 6 different color choices for your cards
- Add photos to reminders
- Add voice recordings to reminders
- Add geofences to reminders
- Search your reminders
- Organize your reminders in groups
- Sort your reminders by Title or Due Date
- Show your reminders based on Plugin / Group / Urgent State or Card Color
- Send feedback straight from the app
- Overview Widget containing the next 5 days
- Add Shortcuts to Plugin Creation Screens to your homescreen
- Take Notes via Google Now or jump to Plugin Creation Screens from Google Now


rmndr’s payment system is based around your pluginslots. While the Notes and List Notes Plugin don’t count again your pluginslots, you pay 1,49$ for 5 pluginslots. When you reach 15 pluginslots you’ll get infinite slots. It’s possible to buy infinite slots right from the start for 3,99 $. You may also get 5 free pluginslots by enabling Ads inside the app.


Do you like to test new stuff? Join our beta community here: http://goo.gl/pp8BDj

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rmndr - The better reminder

rmndr - The better reminder

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