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Roaming Buddy
Roaming Buddy
Roaming Buddy
Roaming Buddy


Enable only your favorite apps and set limits on their data use. Stay connected, without getting huge phone bills.

Did you know you send 1000 WhatsApp messages by just consuming 1 MB. When using Roamy you can setup your phone to only allow WhatsApp and even set a limit on it's data usage.

Roaming Buddy is particularly useful in the following cases:

1. Keep using Whatsapp when travelling. Just use Roaming Buddy to only allow Whatsapp internet access and you're done. Did you know you can send 1000 messages with just 1 MB? You can even set a data limit (for example 1 MB), when the limit is reached Roaming Buddy will block Whatsapp from further internet access.

2. Looking for that special beach or a nice restaurant but don't know where to go? Use Roaming Buddy to only allow Tripadvisor and find what you are looking for. Roaming Buddy allows you to safely use data when abroad by only allowing Tripadvisor internet access.

3. Did you ever wonder whether your phone bill is correct? By using Roaming Buddy you can measure how much data you consumed, you can even set the view from MB to $. Now you have a way to verify your own data usage.

4. Don't want to block individual apps? Just use a global limit that applies to all apps, internet access will be available until the limit you set is reached. This option can be used at home and abroad

Traveling abroad is expensive, especially when using your smartphone to look for the best local eatery, hotel, or cab service when you’re enjoying that trip far away from home. After all, your smartphone has to roam for that right? What’ll that cost you?
Enter, Roaming Buddy. It’s the smartphone’s answer to restricting costly roaming charges so you can spend your hard earned cash on fun and not a phone bill. It's time to start saving money by reducing data usage.

Roaming Buddy allows you to enable or disable as many apps in your smartphone as you like. Just manually choose the apps you want to have Internet access while you’re traveling. Then take it one step further and choose just how much access you want them to have. Roamy puts the power back in your hands: you set the data limit.
Put it this way, Roaming Buddy makes sure the only thing you bring home from a trip is souvenirs.

Now we all know you’ll spend some cash roaming right? It’s inevitable. But you can monitor that too so there’s no surprises when you get back home. With Roaming Buddy, monitor how much money you’ve spent on roaming charges while you’re abroad. Roaming fees can be seen in various currencies, like USD ($) or the Euro (€). For your convenience, Roaming Buddy can track your roaming charges per country in your own currency.
That’s the convenience you have with Roamy when you’re abroad. Now what about when you’re home? Well, you can stay well within your data plan when using Roaming Buddy within your home country too. We’ve thought of everything here.

Could it be simpler?
International travelers can now limit data usage across their favorite apps like Facebook, WhatsApp or TripAdvisor. After all, what would a trip abroad be without social networking and info on that best local eatery?

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Roaming Buddy

Roaming Buddy

Simple Solutions / Roamy


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