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Rust Nutrition Services
Rust Nutrition Services
Rust Nutrition Services
Rust Nutrition Services
Rust Nutrition Services
Rust Nutrition Services
Rust Nutrition Services


Rosanne provides nutrition education to consumers and communications media to the food industry.
Consumer Services

• e-Coaching Get accurate nutrition advice from the comfort of your own home. The Balance Program® may be just what the doctor ordered to get your diet on track.
When you hire Rosanne as your Online Nutrition Coach you get:

• A nutrition plan that fits your lifestyle

• Regular guidance to keep you on track

• Help finding strategies that will work in your life

• Non-judgmental support so you can work through your stumbling blocks

• Accountability so you can achieve your goals

• Smart Tools for Reasonable People: Permission granted to enjoy a full and healthy life! Families are busy – we need comfortable, quick options, and room for treats. Rosanne has written books with one goal in mind: to help you understand some nutrition basics, and to provide you with the tools you need to make easy changes in your diet or lifestyle.

• Books: DASH Diet For Dummies®, Glycemic Index For Dummies®, Calorie Counter Journal For Dummies®

Food Industry Services

• Consumer Friendly Communications: Clear, evidence-based messaging about your products. Rosanne’s focus is on doable, balanced, and realistic eating patterns for good health. She is well versed in social media, and can create messaging that will support your product and vision.

• Speaking: Rosanne delivers realistic evidence-based messages that stress variety, balance and moderation in the diet. She is available to provide lectures to your audience, as well as tour professional health, food, and nutrition conferences with your messaging, offering evidence-based information about diet, nutrition and eating behavior.

• Conference Exhibiting: Rosanne is able to staff your booth at conference expositions, providing engagement with attendees, and the ability to tie her nutrition expertise into your specific product messaging.

• Freelance Writing: Rosanne provides well-researched and comprehensible written work. She's able to translate data into usable information for your clients. Whether it’s an educational document, book chapter, blog or other form of social media, Rosanne creates messages that draw people in. Rust Nutrition Services also clearly understands the importance of meeting your needs of deliverables and keeping to deadlines.

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Rust Nutrition Services

Rust Nutrition Services

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