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SEEMILE Mastering for learning Korean
SEEMILE Mastering for learning Korean
SEEMILE Mastering for learning Korean
SEEMILE Mastering for learning Korean
SEEMILE Mastering for learning Korean
SEEMILE Mastering for learning Korean
SEEMILE Mastering for learning Korean


1. 650 sentences, 1200 words, all related to daily life and can be learned easily by anyone.
650 sentences, 1200 words, not mundane and dull, but basic and incredibly fun.
2. Unique and exciting videos.
Every video portrays the sentence with flair and accuracy. The user will be able to understand what kind of sentence is being taught just by watching it and this naturally remains in the users head.
3. A fun learning experience with a story and characters.
There are 5 characters within the 650 sentences that share stories of everyday life. These characters create relationships of friendship and love between each other. These characters will foster your desire to keep on learning Korean.
4. Easy to learn, associative remembering techniques that allows you to rememeber for a long time.
It was designed by using an incredibly effective memory association technique for easy memorization. The sentence is expressed via videos and the words via images, therefore, the user can easily learn these sentences and words that remain in their head for a long time.
5. Grammar that does not have to be seperately studied.
There are 151 forms of grammar in the 650 sentences. By studying the sentences you will be able to learn the grammar as well.
6. Professionalism and know-hows that only SEEMILE has.
SEEMILE.COM has produced Korean language lecture videos and has been providing its services to the world. Over the past 8 years, more than 1,000 videos have been made which garnered a staggering 100 million views. SEEMILE, the creators of the world's most beloved Korean learning contents, have stored all its professional expertise and know-hows into [SEEMILE Mastering].

[Key Features]
- You can learn Korean consonants and vowels via the drag and drop method.
- You can learn to read Korean numbers easily just by touching.
- You can practice writing Korean with your finger.
You can listen to all 650 sentences in a row.
- A image association test is provided in order to help you remember what you've learned.
- Can be used without an internet connection.
- High quality native pronunciation is provided by Korean voice actors.
- Provide Chinese, English, Japanese, Spanish, Thai, and Vietnamese translations.
- We provide sounds that help you read out the sentences and words.
- We recommend apps that help learn Korean easily and quickly.

[User reviews]
WOW looks a lot nicer than Rosetta Stone. Animation is better than photographs of Rosetta Stone. _Gibson Wells
I'm really excited for this . Love the detailed explanation . _Hellen O
I just watched, listen, and spoke with it and I already learned Korean. It's a really cool software. _Kaitlin R. Davis
I mastered reading curriculum in just an hour. Just dragging and dropping consonants and vowels to play sound, and it was like playing a game with tons of fun mastering to read Korean. _Mary Samir
Loving the pictures in the animation. It's really fun to learn Korean, as if I'm reading romance comics or watching animated film. _Michelle Rickey
I'm learning Korean with a friend through SEEMILE YouTube channel, and you've made this amazing program. I'm organizing what I've learned with 'SEEMILE' _Emad Desai

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SEEMILE Mastering for learning Korean

SEEMILE Mastering for learning Korean

Kang Seung Jae


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