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Shiny Butterfly Theme
Shiny Butterfly Theme
Shiny Butterfly Theme
Shiny Butterfly Theme
Shiny Butterfly Theme
Shiny Butterfly Theme
Shiny Butterfly Theme


The Shiny Butterfly Theme is a classy artistry theme will bring your phone screen a brand posh new look.
The modish blue butterflies glimmer bling bling effulgence, which makes the effulgent posh butterfly look more shiny and dainty. 
The bling bling twinkle Shiny Butterfly Theme with modish artistry will make your phone screen look more dainty and classy.
Download posh Shiny Butterfly Theme to own beautiful classy gilt icons, dainty blue butterfly HD wallpapers and tons of modish butterfly themes. Shiny Butterfly Theme is a ornate artistry theme with wallpapers of the most high definition classy blue colors and modish gleaming gilt icons.

Shiny Butterfly Theme is a new free posh theme among tons of dazzle butterfly themes.
If you download the bling bling Shiny Butterfly Theme, you can enjoy:

❤️More variety themes/wallpapers
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❤️More stylish live wallpapers
We are a creative team, and always make great efforts to create more extraordinary live wallpapers for you. If you like beautiful modish butterfly, then you can get more resplendent live wallpapers about delicate ornate butterflies. 
We have made: gold butterfly live wallpaper, pink butterfly live wallpaper, shiny butterfly live wallpaper, blue butterfly live wallpaper, and many more in the near future.

Shiny Butterfly Theme is a free bling bling artistry theme specially designed for our launcher users, including dozens of classy gilt icons and exquisite ornate butterfly wallpaper/background, which can personalize your phones easily.

- Fabulous 3D transition effects on screens and folders switching.
- Elegant and simple 3D screen navigation.
- Screen management interface with 3D effect.
- Astonishing gilt 3D clock widget and coruscating weather widget.
- Dynamic display on All Apps alphabetical list, or “App drawer”.
- Compatible with 99% phones device.
- Very small, will not affect system performance.
- Battery save function.

Shiny Butterfly Theme is only available for phones with our launcher installed.

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How to Apply the Theme:

1. Download and install the Shiny Butterfly Theme;
2. Install our launcher;
3. Start our launcher and then you can apply the dazzle theme you downloaded. If you already have our launcher on your phone, you can also directly go to “Themes--Mine” to open the glitzy coruscating theme and apply it to your phone.

The spiritual Meaning of a splendid Blue Butterfly can be diverse. 
Their spiritual meaning symbolize change or rebirth, regardless to their effulgent color. 
Refulgent posh blue butterflies represent symbols of love. 
Due to their colors, posh blue butterflies send us a vibration of joy and happiness. 
Looking at them or holding them can calm us down or help us meditate. 
Due to their rarity, seeing one of these effulgent gilt butterflies is a symbol of luck.
If you like the spiritual meaning of the refulgent blue butterfly, then don’t miss this exquisite bling bling Shiny Butterfly Theme!

If you like this resplendent Shiny Butterfly Theme, please support us by rating it.
If you have any ideas or suggestions, contact us by email: ahatheme@gmail.com, we are so happy to receive your valuable advice.

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HD Live Wallpaper 2017





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Shiny Butterfly Theme

Shiny Butterfly Theme

HD Live Wallpaper 2017


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