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Shocksquatch Alien Ben Psyphon Shooter
Shocksquatch Alien Ben Psyphon Shooter
Shocksquatch Alien Ben Psyphon Shooter
Shocksquatch Alien Ben Psyphon Shooter
Shocksquatch Alien Ben Psyphon Shooter


Are u crazy fans of ben alien and omniverse Shocksquatch ?
Shocksquatch is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Gimlinopithecus from the planet Pattersonea.
Shocksquatch has the appearance of a thick, muscular sasquatch-like alien. He has white, gray, and blue fur, along with a reddish-pink face, and pointed eyebrows.
He also has green eyes with black pupils.
He has metallic gray circular bolts on the back of his hands and on his lower jaw. He wears the Ultimatrix symbol on his chest
Shocksquatch has the ability to release strong, yellow electrical charges from any part of his body. By covering objects with his electricity, Shocksquatch can telekinetically move them. His electricity can move along a surface to cover an object or shock a target
Shocksquatch is more agile than he looks, as he jumped over Buglizard, and can run on all fours.
Shocksquatch is physically enhanced, as shown when he punched Buglizard until the ground was broken, to the point where he and Buglizard fell through into the subway.
He can charge his impacts and collisions with electricity to enhance it, as well as move it along a surface.
While Ben was transforming into Shocksquatch for the first time, his first stage of transformation resembles Ben.
He had bushy sideburns, sharp claws on his feet and hands, sharp teeth, longer hair, and grey skin.
He starts out with the Omnitrix on his left arm, which will disappear by the final stage of transforming.
In the final stage of transformation, he resembles his fully transformed form but has Ben's clothing and no Omnitrix on his left arm.
Alien Ben Humansaur Transform is an all-new free game where you unleash your favorite aliens from TV series.
So after coming from the far galaxy our hero is in a mission to save humanity.

Feature in Shocksquatch Alien Ben Shooter :
- Amazing gameplay
- Easy to Play
- Super addicting game for Kid

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Shocksquatch Alien Ben Psyphon Shooter

Shocksquatch Alien Ben Psyphon Shooter

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